Author: Graham Matthews

The Trap Has Been Sprung

Be careful of what you wish for. The NEC have unwittingly signed their own death warrant by passing a vote of no-confidence in Henry Bolton. There are only two results of the no-confidence motion. Either Henry goes, or the NEC must vacate their seats and be replaced. Whilst the conventional wisdom has it that Henry is reviled by the vast majority of the members and will lose the vote at the EGM, 28 days is a very long time in politics. In deciding to take a vote on a motion of no-confidence, the NEC have exposed themselves to their…

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NEC – Silence is not an Option, Stand Up or Resign

We are told there will be a vote of no-confidence taken at the NEC meeting on Sunday. However, this once again acts as a reminder of the failures of UKIPs governance system. Although these failures have been clear for a long time, they are now coming home to roost. Recent events show the ordinary UKIP members have absolutely no influence over the actions of NEC members, and NEC members feel no duty to members. Of the 15 members of the NEC, only 2 have made their positions known, and that was before the Chairman issued his order that they remain…

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With Sadness, a New Year Resolution

[Ed: Graham has been a contributor for UKIP Daily (articles, letters, comments) and we are sad that he made the decision he describes below. UKIP Daily, as we keep maintaining, is not a closed shop. Anyone can contribute, provided the contributions are in some way UKIP-related. That’s why we publish Graham’s article. We hope that this particular New Year’s resolution will quickly go the way of other New Year’s resolutions. And: thank you, Graham, for all you’ve done.] This year I have resolved to stop paying attention to anything that happens in UKIP. I came to this conclusion with…

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Movie Review – Paddington 2

It is unusual for British audiences to applaud at the end of a film, but that’s what happened when I took my two kids to watch Paddington 2 on Saturday evening.   However I didn’t join in with the applause, and in actual fact found myself angry that a children’s story had been subverted by a cast of the same old gang of luvvies into a tale of social justice. The scene where the neighbours come together to protect the refugee bear from Peter Capaldi’s character, a sort of Blakey from ‘On the Buses’ but without the Hitler moustache who…

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Heads should roll

One of the first decisions of Henry Bolton in his position as new leader was to state in the media (e.g. Daily Politics on 12 October) that our policy baseline is now the 2015 General Election Manifesto. The objective of this decision is to discard the Integration Agenda and the 2017 General Election Manifesto, which he also said had not been properly adopted in the first place and hence were not official UKIP policy. Apparently neither the Integration Agenda nor the 2017 Manifesto were agreed by the NEC, which is in breach of the rule book. Did the party…

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