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Courant Times – Friday, 10th June 2016

Essex County council result: Laindon Park and Fryerns (Essex) Result: UKIP: 2034: LAB:1600: CON: 878: UKIP gain from Labour:  Common Sense: The Conservative Woman: Laura Perrins: Farage is a lone voice defending our women: Express: Is the end in sight? Brexit will trigger death of EU, says Nigel Farage  Brexit: Telegraph: Leave won the ITV debate-and Boris Johnson looks like a future Prime Minister Breitbart: Exclusive: ITV ‘wants only older voters’ to represent pro-Brexit camp in TV debates  The Guardian: UK poll finds just 25% believe Brexit would reduce living standards: Telegraph: EU Referendum: Security minister says Britain better…

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Courant Times Wednesday 8th June 2016

UKIP:- Nigel Farage in Strasbourg: “I’m going out now, I may be some time”       Brexit:- Breitbart: Race baiting Farage questioner: ‘ITV invited me on because of my black podcast’ The Guardian: The EU is an outsize behemoth beyond reform: The Green case for Brexit FT: Capital is not fleeing Britain because of Brexit (this link requires a subscription to the FT). The £60bn drop in external and foreign currency flows seized on by George Osborne to irresponsibly talk up the prospect of a run on the pound was not repeated in April. It was therefore a…

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Courant Times – Friday 3rd June 2016

UKIP: Nigel Farage on the future of immigration post Brexit Common Sense: Breitbart: Judge: Farage South Thanet loss could be ‘declared void’  Express: Nigel Farage: Vote Brexit to take UK back from ‘contemptible’ Cameron and his rich cronies Breitbart: Tory MEP: If not for cameras, Farage ‘would have been dealt with’ Brexit: Breitbart: Savaged: David Cameron crumbles at live Brexit townhall Express: Top economists blast government ‘deceit’ over Brexit and reveal risk of staying in Mirror: EU  Referendum Poll-Tracker: Is Britain heading for Brexit? Halesowen News: Black Country politicians to debate Brexit before crunch EU poll Evening Standard: Homeless…

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Courant Times – Thursday 26 May 2016

Common-Sense:- Thurrock Gazette: UKIP anger as leader Graham Snell says party is “forced out” of council:  Bloggers4UKIP: He who pays the piper calls the tune:  Brexit:- A Bright Brexit Future by Dan Hannan MEP:  Telegraph: Brexit will make us richer. That’s why leave could still win: Home-Affairs:- BBC: Net migration to UK rises to 330,000:  Telegraph: Population to soar by 4 million due to mass immigration that will ‘change the face of England forever’ Express: Osborne left red faced as EU pull tampon VAT agreement: Telegraph:- Taxpayers face bill for £36bn EU pensions timebomb: Guido: Police investigating shadow minister over election…

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Courant Times – Friday 20th May 2016

UKIP: Neil Hamilton AC/AM: Maiden speech in the Senned Common Sense: BBC: Jeremy Paxman in Brussels, who really rules us? featuring a cameo appearence from Paul Nuttall MEP  Brexit: The Hindu: Conservative party stands divided over Brexit BBC: Michael Gove: Staying in EU ‘will add up to 5 million to UK population’ CITY.AM: Workers must take back the EU debate from the political elites Home Affairs: Express: PM forced to accept Brexit MP’s change to Queen’s speech to avoid devastating defeat Mail: Cameron’s doom-laden warning of Brexit causing war in Europe rejected by NINE in 10 voters, polling reveals Express: Bulgarian…

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