Author: Gary Conway

There’s a new Party in town, what do we know about For Britain?

“Vote For Britain”. I can see it on leaflets and posters already. It is not often that we witness the birth of a new Party in British politics, but that is exactly what is happening as we speak. Anne Marie Waters is launching For Britain, a pro-Brexit, pro-British, anti-Islamification party created to give a voice to the majority of British people abandoned by the establishment parties. Disclaimer: These are merely the ramblings of an interested supporter looking in from the outside, I do not hold any position within For Britain nor have any inside knowledge. These are my views…

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What’s the Problem with Food Banks?

Labour love food banks. If they didn’t exist, Labour would have to invent them*. Food banks prove that the Tories are evil, Dickensian monsters who run the country in much the same way as Mr Squeers ran his Yorkshire school. Meanwhile, Labour don’t have to actually do anything, simply by talking so much about food banks proves that Labour really, really care. Without food banks to virtue signal over, Labour MPs would be rendered almost as mute as a Remainiac banned from scaremongering. If someone feels the need to signal to the world how nice and caring they are,…

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The inconvenient truth about climate change – Part Two

As we were told throughout the EU referendum campaign, experts know best. Experts, clever and knowledgeable experts, weigh up all the pros and cons and come to a disinterested, impartial decision about what is in your best interest. Aren’t they lovely to do our thinking for us? Wouldn’t you be a fool not to do what they tell you? Just as 90% of economists agreed voting to leave the EU would cause huge damage to our economy, so we are told that 97% of climate scientists think catastrophic man-made climate change is happening. If the experts agree on climate…

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The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Change – Part One

Science is our never-ending quest for truth. Scientists test what we think we know, evolve new theories, and then test those. Science is rigorous; however good a theory might sound, if the evidence doesn’t support it, the theory is discarded. A theory can never be “proven” as a new discovery could come along tomorrow that makes everything we’ve thought up until now redundant. Science is scepticism. Yet uniquely and somewhat implausibly we are told that the science around catastrophic man-made global warming is “settled”. Nothing to see here, don’t ask any questions, pay your green taxes and move along….

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Theresa May’s Article 50 letter has changed my mind on Gina Miller

Fully nine months since the UK made its historic, momentous, marvelous decision, our Prime Minister has finally notified the obsolete EU that we intend to leave its protection racket. Over 17 million people refused to be bullied by an unprecedented campaign of baseless scaremongering, lies and threats that demeaned so many of our institutions and great offices of state. One million more people voted Leave than Remain, and across the country (well, outside London and the BBC, by which I mean Bristol, Brighton and Cambridge) joy was unconfined. I’m sure a few babies were conceived in the celebratory aftermath…

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