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London friends (and a few from outside the capital too), LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018 – WHY, WHAT, HOW Given our humble position in opinion polls – this partly thanks to the previous Leader & Consort – especially in London where we’re down to 1%, why should we even bother? There are many reasons why we must: Because UKIP will rise again.  Because we must give people the option of voting for UKIP, which won’t happen if a UKIP candidate does not appear on the ballot paper.  Because unless we field a requisite minimum number of candidates in these elections, we…

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I lack the wit, wisdom and guile of many who have written about this vexing issue before; I apologise. I lack Henry Bolton’s rhetorical skills, or the debating skills of his supporters; for this too, I apologise. I hope the fact that I write this from my heart makes up for my deficiencies. Of course I wish we weren’t where we are. Appalling that it’s come to this. I won’t restate, paraphrase or condense what’s been argued so far. There’s no space for that. Some may have had ulterior motives, but most didn’t. I don’t. It was a disparate…

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Videos of the London Regional Hustings, 29th August

The videos below show the full event, broken into parts of approximately 20 minutes viewing each. Description of the format of this event – see below. Introductory speeches This video is of the opening speeches by the leadership candidates from the Waltham Forest hustings in London, Old Street, 29th August 2017 Pre-Break Q & A Part 1 This video shows the first 20 minutes of the questions and answers from the Waltham Forest hustings in London Pre-Break Q & A Part 2 This video shows the second 20 minutes of the questions and answers from the Waltham Forest hustings…

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An Invitation to Hustings in London

[Ed: we give this invitation such prominence because of the notes attached by the organiser, in the hope that other hustings organisers will feel encouraged to adopt them as well. Members deserve to hear from their candidates ‘in the wild’ rather than ‘tamed’.] EVENT:  UKIP LEADERSHIP – OFFICIAL REGIONAL HUSTINGS DATE:  Tuesday August 29th, 2017 TIME:  7:15pm sharp VENUE:  Vibast Community Centre, Bartholomew Court, 163 Old Street, London EC1V 9NH NOTE:  This event had provisionally been scheduled to take place exactly a week later.  But then, national hustings were announced to be held one day before our one, and…

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UKIP Leadership hustings

The following is an extract from the London UKIP Regional Chairman’s email newsletter, reproduced here with the permission of Freddy Vacha, as it contains information that members nationally may find useful regarding the leadership election and hustings.     I will be holding, with the help of my able team including the London Regional Secretary, the London Regional Co-ordinator and the Regional Organiser who is also the National Nominating Officer, London’s official Leadership hustings in just over 5 weeks.  7:15pm on Tuesday 5th September 2017 in Central London (at 163 Old St, London EC1V 9NG) is provisionally intended; note…

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