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1. Why do we have leadership elections? By law all political parties are required to have a leader. This is governed by the Political Parties, Elections and Reforms Act 2000 (Section 24) which states that all political parties must have a leader, a nominating officer and a treasurer. The leader may be the nominating officer and the treasurer or combined and a party may have an overall leader or choose a leader for a particular purpose. Without a leader we are not legally a party and cannot stand in elections. 2. Why is the EGM being held in Birmingham? Birmingham…

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A brief analysis on the General Election

The single biggest loser in this totally feckless and unnecessary election was  the SNP – losing votes and seats, handsomely losing the former leader Alex Salmond’s seat and that of its Deputy Leader Angus Robertson and 21 out of its 56 seats.Its abrasive leader Sturgeon has had to shelve IndyRef2 until at least after Brexit is concluded. Thus its sole raison d’etre has been scuppered and for its leader to pronounce such a postponement is massively negative and its future must hang in the balance. SNP is by far the most injured. One wonders how it will attract funding….

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The international situation

Elizabeth Jones, UKIP NEC member and UKIP Lambeth chairwoman, comments about the meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It is the first personal meeting of the two leaders. According to reports from Hamburg Russian president Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump discussed on Friday the situation in Ukraine and Syria, the fight against terrorism and cybersecurity. Generally it was a long conversation with lots of issues. The issue of cybersecurity is a problem of neither party’s making. Trump must be seen to be patriotic about US election meddling which lies at much of the heart of this meeting. I am not convinced there was any…

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A Known Known – My Plan B for the Calais Jungle Crisis

As the townsfolk of beleaguered Calais join forces this week with angry French hauliers and farmers to blockade their port and Tunnel terminal, the end game could finally be underway for the infamous migrants’ jungle. There are currently around 10,000 migrants in the Jungle, almost all young men from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran and Sudan. Their tactics have become so violent and dangerous, and the rampant crime, theft, trespass and interruption of daily life so intolerable that the French can no longer tolerate this. After an appalling summer of murderous Islamic terrorism and an economy bereft of any hope locked…

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Elizabeth Jones, UKIP Leadership Candidate:

Q: Historically UKIP has been criticised and wrongfully labelled as a homophobic party.  As leader of the party, how would you address this? A: UKIP is not homophobic and has no interest whatsoever in turning its back on the equalities agenda which successive governments have pursued as a result of societal pressure and need in the past few decades. We are a welcoming and entirely non-discriminatory party. I want a country which is comfortable within itself, and which does not oppress or discriminate against people on the grounds of their sexuality, within the law. Therefore I will not tolerate…

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