Author: Julian Farmer

Globalism – the dark side of the loon

‘One World Government’ or ‘New World Order’ are commonisms in the world today among conspiracy buffs and the so called ‘ruling class’. Or should it be ‘Communisms’? One can always sing ‘Kumbaya’ to teach the world to sing … or more likely scream. What do these terms and ‘visions’ mean? A world without borders and nations but a world where we all live in perfect harmony? Anybody still capable of real thought and analysis would see the ridiculousness of such ideas. The global wolves are not going to lie down any time soon with the lobotomised sheep that now pass for the masses. Trying to force the lobotomised to do so by imposing a globalist ideology through supposed ‘hate crime’ isn’t going to work either. Clement Attlee was offered a chance to become part of the ‘New Europe’ during his tenure as British Prime Minister and stated: “Doesn’t sound very nice to me actually. I am only interested in Britain, thank you!” Attlee was a patriot and supported the monarchy. Modern ‘Nu’ Labour is a different matter. As I have stated along with others like Peter Hitchens, Blair and his Third Way crew were far more radical than Jeremy Corbyn and indeed a greater threat to our continued existence than ‘Jezza’. Look at the facts and the current state of our land – all Blair’s doing. He, like Cameron…

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A problem with bots

Four major catastrophes in less than three months. One writes of course over the tragedies in London and Manchester. They have one commonality – mass immigration. Migrants have been victims and perpetrators of catastrophe. The smouldering Grenfell Tower is a charred edifice that perfectly suits the state of modern Britain. Indeed it is like an architectural modern ‘Dorian Gray’, a picture that aged and decayed while its owner failed to age. Oscar Wilde had great insight into the depths of the human soul. Look at the released pictures inside the gutted ruin. How could anybody survive this? I am…

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“Chairman Maoy” – The Trotskyist Globalist

Leon Trotsky’s theory of “permanent revolution” held that, historically, an  economy had to be seen as a world system rather than a national one. All national economic development was affected by the laws of the world market, even though such regional factors as location, population, available resources, and pressure from surrounding countries made the rate of development different in each country. So, in Trotsky’s view, the Russian Revolution, to be permanently successful, would have to depend on revolutions in other countries, particularly in western Europe. His theory also emphasized the hegemony of the working class over the revolutionary class…

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The price of treason

I have a new name for the ‘Politikal Klasse’ – “The New Amoral Global Elite” or ‘NAGE’, hence the term ‘Nagism’.  Moslems call the non-Moslems of the wordl ‘Najis’ or ‘The Unclean’; strangely enough I do not regard Jeremy Corbyn a nagist. Jeremy Corbyn is an old time Socialist who does not believe in globalism or Neo-Con warmongering. He voted against and warned the Blair government and the Tories where interference in the Middle East would lead but especially where attacks upon Libya would go. Despite the press demonisation of Corbyn, he has been 100% correct and indeed Libya…

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Reply to Dr Sean Gabb’s excellent write-up on Authoritarian Britain

Corbyn is a dangerous man and his message will appear attractive, even common-sensical to those people that fail to think deeply, if at all, attracted by what they see as his considered approach, especially the young “millennials”. May is a fool and there is nothing worse than leaders that think they are capable and astute, when her decision to have another Election and risk “Brexit”, may allow Corbyn to enter Number 10 and another terrible five years under a traitorous oppressive Labour regime. It will be the death knell for what is left of Britain and possibly send us…

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