Author: David Turgoose

The Lowly British Tax Payer and the August European Union Part 2

Ed ~ This is the second part of a two-part series. You can read the first part here on UKIPDaily. The future for the lowly British tax payer is looking very bleak indeed.  The challenge is how this story of Gloom and Doom can be changed to a story of Hope and Happiness.  Throughout mankind’s existence on this planet, the lowly British taxpayer, or lowly British peasant, has never had sufficient income for a Happy life. Standard and Poor will downgrade the UK credit status which will lead to increased debt charges thus reducing the Government’s ability to provide…

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The Lowly British Tax Payer and the August European Union – Part 1

ATTENTION! The site will got into lockdown from 12 noon Sunday Feb 25th to 12 noon Monday Feb 26th, to deal with the various issues which have cropped up. Remainers should appreciate the Doom and Gloom of this article! If the UK remains in the European Union what effect will there be in the UK? The first effect will be an increase in the number of migrants from the EU and also in those from outside the EU.  The latter, on becoming EU citizens, may decide to move to the UK by using one of the EU four freedoms….

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UKIP Needs to become a Proactive Political Party.

Ed: The author would like to make clear that his views are not shared by his branch. When Leave voters outnumbered the Remain voters, UKIP should have moved to become what H Bolton referred to as the third political party.  In the 2017 election, where were the British voters who previously supported UKIP? UKIP was seen as the anti-EU party and not as a mainstream British political party.  Even today some UKIP members still think that UKIP’s main purpose is to fight for leaving the EU and any policies not associated with leaving the EU are irrelevant. I remained…

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Why the United Kingdom is Leaving the European Union – Part II

Ed ~ This article continues from Part I which was published on Wednesday. For access to the EU Internal market, the EU is “asking” for “contributions” to the EU budget to enable the UK to sell goods into that market.  To show its goodwill to the British people the EU should make a contribution to the UK economy for the financial damage that the EU’s freedom of movement has caused.   The EU answer will be “not a sous”.  It will probably be followed up by “you will not be allowed to trade in the single market”. The EU ignores…

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Why the United Kingdom is Leaving the European Union – Part I

I am now fully convinced that the EU presidents, hangers on and the majority of MEPs do not understand why a majority of UK citizens wish to leave the European Union. I cannot follow the distorted logic of the Irish prime minister, who stated that British, Canadian and United States military died to enable the EU to exist. The Anglo Saxon military was fighting against an early version of the EU that was run by the German National Socialist party. Prior to that, British lives were lost in the fight against the first attempted European Union that was run…

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