Author: David G. Meacock

Winning in the May Locals

UKIP, like all political parties, comprises three categories of Members: supporters of the cause who for a variety of reasons cannot be active; members who could but choose not to be, and activists.  None of these are dead! Most selection is by a process of rejection – ‘last man standing’ to coin a phrase – which means voters are at least as much voting against other options as for their chosen candidate; be that a TV competition contestant or their next local councillor.  Any communication needs to include both elements to answer the individual voter’s “How is voting for…

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Don’t fall for Bolton’s attempted diversion tactics: BIN‘im!

Mr Bolton’s recent long email was a not very subtle attempt to try to overwhelm people with information and distract from the real issue. His proposed Constitution revision is another tactic to try to further muddy the EGM waters and should be being dismissed in one word: unacceptable. The only additional required clarification is that, as Mr Bolton doesn’t have exclusive rights to UKIP Constitution reform, it is an entirely separate issue from his continued actions being, in his own words, “incompatible with my [his] leadership” of UKIP. I suspect Mr Bolton’s Lib-Dem background attracted people to vote for…

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BNP in blazers?

The EGM to hopefully vote out Bolton is on 17 February in Birmingham.  It will determine whether our party will be the ‘BNP in blazers’ with Mr Bolton as leader, or whether we can finally rid ourselves of this distraction and become the patriotic common sense family-friendly guardians of Brexit for the whole nation. By the time we were opposing the recent mass immigration from Eastern European countries, it had become almost as toxic a subject as Hitler, because opposition to the 1960’s wave of migrants, who were mostly of non-Caucasian origins, was castigated as being racist, and so…

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Henry Bolton must resign by 6pm today, or be stripped of his UKIP membership.

Ed: we publish this press release in its original form, unredacted, as it came in to UKIP Daily a few moments ago: PRESS RELEASE from UKIP Shadow Cabinet Culture & Arts Spokesman David Meacock: UKIP Shadow Cabinet Culture & Arts Spokesman David Meacock has made a dramatic intervention in the ongoing UKIP Leadership saga by calling on Henry Bolton to resign by 6pm today, or be stripped of his UKIP membership. Meacock refers to the UKIP Party Chairman’s generous proclamation on yesterday’s BBC’s Sunday Politics: that “I think it is very clear that Henry is increasingly in a position where he’s…

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Halal/Kosher meat

If we are to find the true intentions of the old religious documents/laws and fully understand them to be able to properly apply them centuries later, today, we need to take account of their context.  For example, lazy feminists are often thoroughly wound-up when they read that Paul says, in the New Testament of the Bible, women should not cut their hair short/shave it and should wear a hat in church.  I say ‘lazy’, because if they bothered to research this apparently outrageous guidance, they would find the advice to be entirely reasonable given at that time, a woman…

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