Author: David Allen

What else is in the news? Russia, Energy and Assassinations

The news currently is dominated by the nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia which took place sometime last Sunday. In fact so much so that other news, one might feel is equally important, isn’t getting much of a mention. The outbreak of hubris and the wall to wall coverage, once again casting the Russians as the villains, also overlooks the fact that the British Government, as recently as 21st August 2015 deliberately targeted and killed Junaid Khan with an RAF drone strike in the Raqqa area of Syria, with Junaid Hussain similarly killed three days…

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The Northern Ireland Border Myth

Of all the arguments presented as ‘evidence’ of the ‘damaging’ effects of Brexit, the arrangements for controlling the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland must be the most misleading and least well understood. Arch opponents to self-determination, and the referendum vote, present this as being an insurmountable obstacle were Brexit to proceed, implying, therefore, that only continued membership of the European Union, albeit under a different guise, can resolve this problem. This false scenario has only become possible because the government, and all Brexit supporting arguments, have failed to adequately outline a clear and obvious solution;…

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An analysis of change

The current turmoil the party has been thrust into by the NEC has already become one of the nastiest UKIP arguments I can remember that has been played out so publicly. Senior party members including some on the NEC are conducting themselves in a thuggish and abusive way to the detriment of everybody concerned. It doesn’t add to one’s argument to ramp up rudeness and abuse as a mechanism to garner support. It is most unseemly. The party clearly has a problem in the way it is structured. It has always been a problem but in the heady days…

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What’s really going on here?

The vote of no confidence by the NEC in Henry Bolton was simply the latest and most public demonstration of the war going on in UKIP. The party has become so divided that even the pretence that Henry Bolton has done anything wrong is no longer needed as unfounded allegations are being made by the minute in a desperate attempt to portray him as incompetent, lazy and untruthful because, for the first time in the history of the party, someone is beginning to reform the party and to create a truly functional balance between power, authority and responsibility. Those…

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What now for UKIP – Opportunity or Extinction?

The NEC of UKIP is the body that holds all the power. As company directors, they can prevent and/or authorise virtually everything. Despite this enormous power they are essentially an unqualified and largely unknown group of people elected on a system far more representative of a tombola dip than an election. This is quite deliberate and designed to keep the power in the hands of a few. The last NEC election attracted 91 candidates who were put to a single ballot. No campaigning other than 150 words is allowed, so there is no opportunity for members to really know…

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