Author: Brian Otridge

The time for teddy bears is over …

… as is the determined deployment of candles, flowers and messages of hope.  Operations involving vigils, mass hand-holding and repetition of platitudes have been proven to be ineffective now. And yet our temporal, pastoral and thought leaders still come out with the same old stuff. Amber Rudd’s statement on Tuesday morning was pure milk and honey, distilled from a potent mix of platitudes. The Archbishop stood on his pulpit telling us to love not hate. The lefty journalists of the Mainstream media still pumped the same old PC-trash. And the most wondrous of all was Hazel Blears on Wednesday…

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Trump’s Speech to Congress – What’s Not to Like

As I watched the recording of Donald J Trump’s speech to Congress, I shook my head in wonder at the range and benefits of measures across the breadth of government that his administration has already implemented or is implementing. I noted the frequency of applause and standing ovations, most Republicans standing and applauding for the majority of measures, compared to the boot faces of the sitting Democrats with the odd exception like Bernie Sanders on some jobs measures: brave man but he did look around his colleagues nervously! But, Trump appealed to the Democrats to support many measures, implemented…

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UKIP Spring 2017 Conference sketch

Brian Otridge continues his report on the party’s Spring Conference – Part one here. David Kurten – Education and Apprenticeships He was in the graveyard slot, but his interesting and animated speech kept us awake! He outlined problems with medical doctor training: there were simply not enough doctors trained and retained in the UK: measures were needed to reduce massive overseas recruitment. He explained the demographic bulge to us. Classes for 12- to 17-year-olds are relatively small, while there has been an explosion of primary school children in the five-to-nine demographic, resulting in overcrowded schools. This bulge would hit…

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UKIP Spring 2017 – Conference Sketch

And so it came to pass that the faithful assembled under the Wanderer’s roof to hear the sermons, verses and lessons of the disciples of the prophet, together with the wise words of the prophet himself. Bolton Macron stadium, Friday 17th February 2017 and being under 20 miles from my door I had no excuse, did I? However, in not the warmest of venues, hot cups of tea/coffee and the words of the opening speakers soon warmed us up. After the opening welcome from James Barker (NW Chairman), William Dartmouth MEP regaled us first from the screen with this…

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USA Election – Winners and Losers

I’m coming out! No, I haven’t decided after 66 years of life that I’m gay, but I haven’t so far stuck my head up over the parapet on the USA Election. Now I will: yes, all along I hoped Donald Trump would win the Presidential election and believed he could, despite the overwhelming odds. And what overwhelming odds he fought against – in itself a staggering achievement given that the whole of the American and international establishment, the MSM, the voting systems, George Soros (as a dark agent) and seemingly the rest of the world were against him! Nigel…

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