Author: Antony Nailer

Leadership Thoughts

I have just received an email from the South West Regional Organiser, which included betting odds by Ladbroke’s as of Wednesday 16th August.  So I have just gone on Odd-Checker to find the latest figures and picked the one from Coral, which is typical: Peter Whittle 4/5 AMW 5/2 JR Evans 8 David Kurten 10 Henry Bolton 12 David Coburn 33 Aiden Powlesland, Ben Walker, David Allen, Jane Collins, & Marion Mason all 100. Now why would Peter Whittle be so popular?   There are now vastly more lapsed members, than paid up members.  Presumably the remaining members are…

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Meeting Five Candidates

Last evening (8th August 2017) I had an opportunity with about 80 other people in Dorchester, Dorset to meet five of the contenders for leadership of UKIP.  They were Dave Allen, Dave Kurten, Aidan Powlesland, Ben Walker, and Peter Whittle. All 11 were invited but Anne Marie Waters and John Rees-Evans and another (whose name I didn’t catch) were at a similar do ‘up north’. That leaves Henry Bolton, David Coburn, Jane Collins, and Marion Mason, 3 of which did not have the courtesy to reply to the invitation. Graham Brant, Chairman of Dorset UKIP, opened the session, introducing…

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All so obvious with hindsight

Why did we even have an election?  Well I think it was because of Nicola Sturgeon. She stated time and again how she had a mandate from the Scottish people but Theresa May did not have a mandate at all.  Furthermore Theresa was hamstrung by the manifesto of the David Cameron administration that prevented her raising income taxes, and national insurance contributions while staying locked into the pensions triple lock. Theresa was also persuaded by her advisers that with her approval ratings so far ahead of Jeremy Corbyn she could take him on, wipe the floor with him, increase…

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They must be running out of excuses

Last week there was a leaders’ debate on the BBC with Tim Farron (hard left LibDem), Caroline Lucas (watermelon Green), Leanne Woods (hard left Plaid Cymru), Amber Rudd (left wing Tory), Paul Nuttall (right & left of centre UKIP), and Angus Robertson (hard left SNP). On the matter of the recent terror attack on Manchester all first told us their thoughts were with the victims and their families.  Then many said it was our overseas interventions to blame. Amber Rudd assured us that more resources were being put into place and more armed police and even the military were…

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The Way Forward for UKIP

Maybe we are going in the wrong direction by focusing how to get a reasonable number of UKIP Members of Parliament.  It costs a lot of money and frankly the voters are not really interested in electing us.  The Referendum Party under James Goldsmith had a similar uphill struggle and never gained sufficient traction.  Nevertheless UKIP under the leadership of Nigel Farage changed politics in the UK significantly. Similarly Al-Queida succeeded in attracting Worldwide support for a cause, without having any representatives in any government.  Isis though essentially a throw back to ancient warlords invading and controlling people with…

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