Author: Alan Wheatley

UK’s HUB Airport should be at Prestwick

Preamble The Government’s announcement (Oct’16) that Heathrow is their choice for the expansion of UK airport capacity does not so much bring the debate to a conclusion as herald a further period of wrangling; over a year later we still await a final decision. This provides a window of opportunity for UKIP, particularly in Scotland. I would like to explain why. But first I better declare that I have no vested interest and nothing to gain personally. I am offering my ideas because I think they provide a better way forward for UK aviation and a great political opportunity…

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UKIP Golden Opportunity

Editor ~ This is a follow-up article to “Beer Tokens” by Flyer which can be read here on UkipDaily. For those of us who voted to leave the EU, we live in troubling times. We are coming to realise that winning the EU Referendum was but a battle; the war is not over. Tony Blair is openly organising to reverse BREXIT. Remoaners are obsessively telling us at every opportunity how we were lied to during the referendum campaign and using this as an argument to think again. There are no shortage of organisations and institutions warning of the woes…

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UKIP Strategy Until Brexit is Realised

Paul Nuttall correctly posed the vital question with regard to Theresa May: she can talk the talk but can she walk the walk? Recent reports about BREXIT would suggest the answer is no. A lack of vision, management and determination are taking us to who knows where. Ever since the last general election it has been on the cards that there will be another general election before the end of the Article 50 two-year process. This may be forced by events in Parliament, the House of Commons or Lords or a combination of both Houses, or “events”, such as…

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