Author: Alan Piper

Joining the dots

Since the election, I have been pondering the question, “how can we persuade the electorate out of their usual political trenches?” Nigel achieved it with the referendum and somehow we’ve got to do the same. Now we know May is not to be trusted with Brexit and the allaphant in the room is scaring people, at risk of making myself look very stupid I’m going to suggest that our opportunity is to get behind a campaign strategy called “Join the Dots…” The principle is very simple and the beauty of it is that when the correct context is in…

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Election Comment by a PPC

[Ed: most of this article was written before Thursday, more observations were added by the author after Thursday.] Having stood as a PPC in Barrow and Furness, probably for the last time, I have to agree with the voices that point out that the Party leadership absolutely matters in National elections and UKIP’s has shot itself in the foot so many times since Nigel stood down that it is no longer credible in the eyes of the electorate, thus undermining every candidate fighting the cause. Net result, loads of time and money compromised if not wasted. We will see….

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Perfect Storm

  Harold Wilson once said: ‘a week is a long time in politics’. We’ve less than 5 to work with but I think we kippers have a perfect storm brewing and I am asking UKIP Daily and all who read it, to act quickly, and get this message out through every channel you can find. The combination I am seeing is this; the contrast between those who realise that June 8th is REFERENDUM 2 disguised as an election, and those who only see it as another election HO, That Corbyn is so far left, a lot of Labour Brexiteers are being tempted to either not bother or hold their noses and vote for May’s Brexit That wavering Tories have flooded back believing that May’s Brexit means a clean-break Brexit. We know otherwise but they won’t or don’t – yet. The significance of the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA 72 – which Gerard Batten’s link explains in great detail). The significance of May not committing to repeal ECA 72 as a priority. ie. this year. And not forgetting, the significance of UKIP Daily, that it is about the Party but not controlled by it. It is absolutely key that voters understand they are being played. And the proof lies in May’s attitude to repealing ECA 72 which she will try to avoid like the plague. If we kippers can spread…

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We must not repeat the errors of the past

Here’s a thought for you. Or perhaps all of us. UKIP Daily threads lately increasingly refer to the current UKIP mess in terms of a Tory/Labour divide – but I don’t think it is. And I think it’ll hurt the party more if this is not challenged and better understood because the UKIP I know currently reaches across the political divide. And we don’t want to loose that in a kind of latter-day rerun of the 1960s and 70s, or the re-emergence of clowns supporting the likes of red-Len McCluskey and co. We don’t have a name for the…

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Only UKIP can achieve the fiscal targets

Abandoning the fiscal target (posted 10th October – A. Nailer) got me thinking. The gist of it was: UK income £682 bn, expenditure 760 bn, shortfall 80 bn and of that income; Pensions £155 bn, healthcare £139 bn, welfare £113 bn and education £84 bn – made a total of about £491 bn – which is just over 70%. Add interest at £45bn and the total shifts to £536 bn which is just short of 80%. Antony’s point was “there is nothing the government can do” about changing those figures. So any reduction in the deficit can only come…

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