Author: Alan Craig

Grooming Gangs: UKIP’s Opportunity and Responsibility

One unfortunate by-product of Rotherham Labour MPs’ successful libel case against UKIP’s Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins is that some members of our party are now less willing to tackle the national grooming gang scandal – the sexual exploitation and abuse of mainly young white English girls by mostly older Pakistani-heritage Muslim men. Mind you, there always were senior party members who insisted that UKIP should not touch the issue. When I started investigating grooming gang activities in Hartlepool and Teesside,  I was informed that UKIP’s former General Secretary and North East MEP Jonathan Arnott would not engage with the…

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To all members of the NEC: I wrote yesterday to over 350 UKIP members [Ed: see the copy of the email below] whose email addresses are publicly available from UKIP websites; they are therefore predominantly branch officers from up and down the country. In my opinion they represent the beating heart of UKIP at grassroots level. I asked them if they would like to see Gerard’s period as Interim Leader extended to six months (180 days) in order to give the party stability and space for healing after the turmoil of the past couple of months, and also to…

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The transgender agenda

Every cell in a person’s body has either XY or XX chromosomes so we are either male or female. It’s clear. It’s not complicated. And exceptions are so rare as to be statistically irrelevant. But scientific facts, like truth, are unimportant to the regressive liberal left who want to remake humanity according to their own Orwellian ideology. Deception is everything, so these cultural marxists – as well as their useful idiots in the wider political class – promote their dystopian society by following the Joseph Goebbels dictum that if you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it,…

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A Europe We Can Believe In: A Family Policy We Can Support

In May, a group of conservative intellectuals from across Europe, including British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, met in Paris. They were brought together by their concern about the ‘false Europe’ currently promoted by the continent’s governing class, arrogant liberals, virtue-signalling progressives and faceless eurocrats who stalk the corridors of power in Brussels and elsewhere; and by a desire to defend and promote the ‘true Europe’, our “precious and irreplaceable civilisation… a community of nations… that is marked by Christianity… and draws inspiration from the Classical tradition of ancient Greece and Rome”. The result of their deliberations was published on…

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Courage. Excellence. Freedom: David Kurten is the man

I’d heard of him of course, and I knew he’d beaten stiff competition to be chosen by the party as one of our top candidates for the high-profile London Assembly – to which he was subsequently elected by the narrowest of margins in May 2016. I’d also heard that he had worked hard and mastered superbly the complex Education brief for which he was appointed party spokesperson a few months later. He was able to buttress his brief by drawing upon his personal experience as a teacher and educator in the UK and abroad.   But it was his…

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