Author: Adam Young

A Call for a Non-Interventionist Strategy for UKIP

To quote Paul Nuttall, the Syria bombing conducted by the USA and Donald J. Trump was “rash, trigger happy, nonsensical and will achieve nothing”. Undoubtedly, Nuttall is correct. Other than breaking a promise to his core voter base, breaking a constitutional law for foreign entanglements, Trump will be helping terrorism to grow by bringing the policy of dropping democracy on people’s heads. I don’t need to repeat what has been said on the silly choice of bombing Assad will bring. It has already been stated, rather correctly, by Jack Russell on this site. Many other voices have stressed concern…

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Donald Trump, NATO, UKIP: a Question of Foreign Policy

The rise of Donald Trump and the so called “radical right” in the USA has left a sour note in much of the mainstream media. Comparing him to “Hitler”, or brandishing him a “Fascist” – although, as Thomas Sowell rightly pointed out years ago, ‘fascism’ is very much a left wing ideology – this mainly stems from Trump’s supposedly “dangerous” immigration policy. Mainly because that is what Trump mostly uses as a populist device, changing Pat Buchanan’s (“the Trump of the 90s”) arguments of “Culture War” to arguments which relate more to ordinary, working-class people and which are affecting…

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