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Ed: Since there’s a dearth of articles at the moment – for whatever reasons – we’re going to publish letters by accredited authors as if they were articles. Other letters will be published under ‘Letters’ as usual and in due course.   Beware the Ides of March, Michel!  On 29 March 2018 the UK will have reached the half way point in the period of two years which Article 50 allows for the UK and the EU to reach a binding agreement approved by the European Parliament.  Should no such Agreement have been reached by 11.00 pm UK time on…

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God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.  At first sight, it seemed to me that the chaos and confusion that was created over the weekend was throwing a cartload of spanners into the already parlous state of the Article 50 negotiations.  However, this hellish combination of farcical cock-ups might just be a catalyst for a reasonable outcome of the whole thing; and oddly, little Eire might be the key that unlocks the door to a sensible solution. Nevertheless, it is of course necessary first to deal with the ridiculous notion of a “transitionary period” or “implementation period”…

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We are now at the “eyeballing” stage of this charade.   The EU has described the detailed and eminently sensible papers produced by the UK as “unsatisfactory”.   The UK has called for the EU to be more “flexible”.   This is all to be expected.  The EU has taken the illegal view that is has a right to dictate the framework of the negotiations, and that is its basic problem.   The EU says that three elements of the Agreement must be dealt with before anything else can be discussed.  This is entirely typical of the way the…

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.  The General Election result seemed like a situation where the Conservatives’ win was a dismal failure, and Labour’s loss was a resounding success.  Appearances, however, as we all know, can often be very deceptive indeed. The Government, a Conservative Government with formal minimum necessary support from the DUP, has survived spectacularly well in the tense “existential threat” weeks following the election, in particular getting its Queen’s Speech through Parliament with ease.  Uniquely in my experience, this Queen’s Speech is the last for two years, taking the UK comfortably beyond the…

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Heaven Help Us!

I am now weary of listening to a succession of self-styled media commentators spouting all manner of drivel about Brexit.  Moreover, the politicians are no better, so the combination of the two makes appallingly stupid broadcasting.  I am amazed that supposedly intelligent people can rattle on as they do, making crass error after crass error, without a single person seeking to correct them.  In these surreal times, we are forced to accept that the Emperor’s new clothes really are there, completely covering his blatantly obviously stark naked body. The position on our leaving is certain and unambiguous: on the…

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