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Saturday papers – 10 March 2018

Brexit The negotiations are not going well, says Westmonster. The government could be on the brink of offering the EU “concessions on immigration” in the next round of negotiations with Brussels. According to a piece by James Forsyth in The Spectator: “Unfortunately, the European Union is about to take a wrecking ball to this carefully constructed compromise. The EU doesn’t much like its deal with Switzerland and is currently trying to pressure the Swiss into accepting changes. The idea of handing that kind of arrangement to the UK – and without free movement – won’t appeal. “The UK has at…

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News review – Friday March 9 2018

Brexit Express MINISTERS are gearing up for a walkout from Brexit talks if Brussels continues to play hardball. A senior cabinet source has revealed that plans for scenarios including no deal and the EU refusing to let Britain rejoin its agencies are more advanced than many people realise. The minister has said that the strategy is “to be better and compete” with the EU on all fronts. The revelation comes as a string of chief executives from EU countries took part in a round table discussion in Downing Street today. The meeting with Theresa May comes amid reports that industry in…

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News review – Thursday 8 March 2018

EU Express DONALD Tusk today set out the EU’s negotiating guidelines for the next phase of Brexit talks, insisting only a Canada-style free trade agreement with no tariffs on goods was available, demanding access to fishing waters and making no mention of special treatment for the City. The European Council president was speaking at a press conference in Luxembourg this afternoon about what the EU’s future relationship with the UK could look like. Mr Tusk insisted he did not “want to build a wall” with the UK but  said the move to leave the single market and customs union…

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News review – Wednesday 7 March 2018

Brexit Express DAVID Davis has declared MPs and Lords in Parliament will not be able to stop Brexit, as he spoke with the European Scrutiny Committee today in a major blow to Remainers hoping to overrule the EU referendum David Davis said MPs would not get a veto on Brexit, adding: “I don’t believe in the meaningful vote overruling the referendum.” The Brexit Secretary referred to his earlier comments made in the House of Commons last November, where he announced Parliament would have a vote on the agreement but would not be able to reverse the decision. Mr Davis was also…

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News review – Tuesday 6 March 2018

Brexit Express PARLIAMENT erupted in laughter this afternoon when Iain Duncan Smith pointed out the absurdity of the EU’s Brexit stance. After weeks of warnings from Brussels on “cherry-picking” and “having your cake and eating it”, the former Tory leader hit out at EU leaders with a sharp jab. Mr Duncan Smith praised Theresa May for her Brexit speech last week before turning the screw on the EU following an address in Parliament yesterday. He said: “When she gets into negotiations with her European counterparts about trade arrangements, could she remind them that cake exists to be eaten and…

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