Author: Vivian Evans

Letters to the Editor – Wednesday 28th February 2018

Because of the lock-down and the ensuing complications, the letters still unpublished by Saturday 24th February have now been spiked permanently. Apologies for that, but as we all know, ‘events’ do have such effects – and to nobody’s surprise, ‘events’ also affect IT operations. So – apologies, with the heartfelt plea not only to forgive us but to start writing again! Today’s first letter comes from our contributor Jerry Wraith: Sir, If you can, would you please publish this letter: “Gerard – Surely your statement would have made infinitely more impact if you had simply asked “Why does Jeremy…

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Forthcoming Events of Interest, News from Branches

We’ve added this new space to act like a notice board where Branches and allied organisations can publish their news, forthcoming events, action days, rallies and reports so that all other members can find the relevant information in one place and participate joining the actions, campaigns and rallies. Please send us any info you’d like published here in the usual way to: [email protected] First off is the diary of events sent to us by The People’s Charter:   For a diary of upcoming events and rallies, please visit the site of The People’s Charter foundation here:…

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Proposal: A Communication Strategy for UKIP members

ATTENTION! WE’RE GOING TO LOCK DOWN THE SITE FROM NOON TODAY UNTIL NOON TOMORROW TO BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH THE ERRORS AND GLITCHES YOU’VE REPORTED. THESE ARE ISSUES WHICH CANNOT BE REPAIRED WHILE THE SITE IS ‘LIVE’ – SO PLEASE BEAR WITH US! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!  ~~~   000   ~~~   Currently, the Party has a top-down communication model i.e. communications from the Party Leader and Party officials to the members. The only bottom-up communication model, i.e. from members to officials, is a point-to-point communication between two persons (e.g. deputy leader → one member). It…

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Remember Versailles

The MSM have been full of leaks, reports, articles and opinion pieces – by Tory grandees, Labour members, foreigners in ‘leading’ positions in industry and trade, ‘experts’ across the board, Remainers, a very few Leavers and of course our ’friends’ from Brussels provide a constant drumbeat. All pontificate about Brexit, the Transition Period, the Withdrawal Treaty – on and on. Now PM Ms May’s Cabinet (meeting at Chequers on Thursday), are at each other’s throats in public. Let me just note that when Kippers have at each other, it’s ferrets fighting in a sack – when our Government ministers…

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Letters to the Editor – Thursday 22nd February 2018

Still working through the backlog of letters, here’s a new collection. The first letter is from our excellent contributor Roger Arthur: Sir, This is for any who are debating whether to join, or re-join, UKIP. “Labour is pursuing a legal case against UKIP, over Rotherham issues. No doubt they relish the idea of bringing the Party down, leaving you with Lib/Lab/Con – plus a fudged Brexit, leaving us under ECJ jurisdiction. If you are happy with that prospect and you want to make Juncker happy, then you don’t need to do anything.” Respectfully, Roger Arthur The next letter was…

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