Author: Roger Turner

My One-sided Cupboard

In days of yore when I masqueraded as a building contractor, it was my job to make it hot, via the pen, for underperforming subcontractors………….. one was so overwhelmed by my inexhaustible logic; he wrote to me as follows “If  Mr. Turner would care to look in his  one sided cupboard, he would find……………” I know, Mr. Turner might have  noticed there were two sides to the question, so what follows is purely a personal opinion and my cupboard still lacks some carpentry.. I am appalled, in fact I find it difficult to believe how UKIP can have ignored…

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You May Be Wondering …

“You may be wondering …..” was often the opening phrase a TV reporter called Fyfe Robertson – on the “Tonight” programme hosted by Cliff Mitchelmore – began his piece with, after the camera had turned its lens to reveal this hatted, bearded and, craggy looking character ”…… what I am doing stuck half way up this desolate windswept mountain?”. You may well be wondering along with me just what on earth is going on in “our “ party of UKIP. To me, it appears to have all the characteristics of a “Soap Opera” – a continuous and apparently endless…

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Supposition versus facts

Out on the streets, it is becoming plain that the majority of the people willing to approach us have already firmly made their minds up which way they will vote. National polls more or less say it is “Even Stevens” with a substantial number of “Undecided voters”. How to persuade this last category to vote our way? Their vote is crucial. I have been having a receptive audience, helped by the recent crass intercession of Mr. Obama. Many clearly remember the news conference, at which he and our oh so co-operative Prime Minister revealed a right royal stitch-up. It…

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Some thoughts on a Presidential visit and an EU Divorce

Personally, I have never experienced a divorce nor been involved vicariously in one, not even as an onlooker to close participants. Of course I have heard of them , I even play golf with new friends who in their previous existences have had that process engraved on their hearts. There is one common bond however: the first words of advice of the majority of those who have gone through that process are “don`t do it”. If further questioned, you might elicit the answer “because the process is too awful”. Expressed with often a heavy sigh and much rolling of…

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