Author: Robert Henderson

Theresa May decides to go to the country – Start counting the spoons

Theresa May has announced that she wants an early General Election on 8 June. However, this is no longer a simple matter of the PM going to see the Queen and requesting that Parliament be dissolved and an election called. Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act Mrs May will require a two thirds majority in the House of Commons to vote to call an early election. The odds are on May getting a two thirds majority because the leaders of the Labour and LibDem parties, Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron have both welcomed the idea of an early election…

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Funny Business at No 10!

The No 10 petitions unit  rejects  a petition to get the UK out of the EU using the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties On 2nd  April 2017 I submitted a petition to the No 10 website  which hosts petitions created by  any British citizen. My petition, including the further explanatory details which are allowed on the No 10 site,  was this: The UK to use the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties to leave the EU now The EU can spend two years giving the UK the run around whilst pocketing two years of further UK…

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The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties gives the UK the right to leave the  EU immediately. If the UK is trapped for two years within the EU (or even longer if all parties agree to extend the negotiating period) a great deal of damage can be inflicted upon the UK by hostile EU member states egged on by the British Remainers who have not accepted the referendum result and will do anything to produce a  “Brexit” which is no Brexit in anything but name.  Consequently our best course of action is for the UK to leave now…

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On Theresa May’s Speech of January 17th 2017 – Part II

[Ed: Part I of this analysis was published in UKIP Daily here.] Devolved powers Theresa May made this commitment: “I look forward to working with the administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to deliver a Brexit that works for the whole of the United Kingdom. Part of that will mean working very carefully to ensure that – as powers are repatriated from Brussels back to Britain – the right powers are returned to Westminster, and the right powers are passed to the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So we will work to deliver a practical…

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On Theresa May’s Speech of January 17th 2017 – Part I

Theresa May’s speech of 17 January 2017 was a classic May performance, mixing statements somewhere between a boast and a threat to give the idea that the UK would be looking to its own interests first, second and last, with suggestions which undermined the ‘Britain First’ message. Contrary to the many media reports welcoming it as giving clarity, it is, with the exception of the Single Market, a speech with a great deal of wriggle room not least over her acceptance of a transitional period and suggestion that the UK should remain attached to some unspecified   EU projects. Here…

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