Author: Gerard Batten MEP, Interim Leader

Brexit or Exit? – Gerard Batten MEP

The EU Referendum posed a simple, clear question: should we remain in the EU or leave? It was not qualified in any way. There was no condition that leaving depended on some mythical ‘deal’, or remaining in the Single Market, or any other qualification. 17.4 Million people voted to leave by a majority of almost 1.3 million.   If Mrs May were really serious about leaving the EU should would have written the little note required to trigger Article 50 the day after her election as Tory Party Leader. Instead she has done nothing and the opponents of Brexit…

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What Next for UKIP?

UKIP and UKIP alone brought about the historic Referendum, and UKIP, despite all the odds, was predominantly responsible for achieving the historic result.  UKIP achieved the most remarkable political victory of any small political party in the history of our democracy. And having done all of that, instead of building on that victory we very quickly set about shooting ourselves in the foot with a double barrelled shotgun. We must now most definitely not reload and set about shooting ourselves in the other foot. There is not much point in recalling the events of the last two weeks, except…

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Brexit must mean Brexit!

I am assuming that everyone here wants to leave the European Union. Is that correct? That being the case I would like to ask you three questions. 1. How many of you want to leave the EU as quickly as possible? 2. How many of you would like us to keep open borders with the EU? 3. How many of you would like us to go on paying money to the EU budget after we have left? That is the response I thought I would get. In that case I would like to explain how we can have number…

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Referendum Victory! The Road to Freedom

How Britain can leave the European Union On Thursday 23rd June 2016 in the Referendum on continued membership of the European Union the British people delivered an historic victory when they voted to leave. The result was as follows: Remain 48.1% (16,141,241 votes) and Leave 51.9% (17,410,742 votes). This delivered a clear and unequivocal result that must now be implemented by the British Government and Parliament. The question now is how do we leave the European Union, by what mechanism, and how quickly can it be done? Many politicians and commentators are under the mistaken belief that Britain can only leave the EU by invoking Article 50…

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Nothing to do with Islam

The information below was sent to me by the Rev. Peter Mullen.  It is truly shocking and worth repeating. The European mass media has devoted hundreds of hours and thousands of pages to the murder of an elderly priest in Normandy.  Understandable, because this occurred in our own backyard. But let’s put this atrocity into perspective. David Curry, president and CEO of Christian Watchdog Group Open Doors, has reported that in 2015, more than 2,000 churches in Africa were attacked by Muslim arsonists and murderers and more than 7,000 Christians were killed. Muslim terrorist organisations such as Islamic State, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram are particularly keen to perpetrate wholesale slaughter inside Christian places of worship. Mr…

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