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The Three Bs, Buzzwords and Quantum Theory

“If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” This quote is attributed to Richard Feynman, the late Nobel Laureate in physics. I’d certainly go along with this, particularly, as far as I’m concerned, I certainly don’t understand this stuff. In my last article ‘The Quantum Singularity’ I mentioned that I’d elaborate further on some of the dangers of this technology. To listen to people, scientists and businessmen talk today, you’d think they had all the answers. They talk about Quantum Computers and Parallel Universes with authority when they’re really just salesmen selling a product using buzzwords. In…

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The Quantum Singularity

When I was a child, I loved the original Star Trek series. As a radio ham I was fascinated by those little communicator devices that they used to communicate with the Enterprise. At the time it was just a fantasy to be able to pack so much technology into a little box, the age of valve technology had only just passed and we had the still relatively cumbersome transistor. Today, such technology would seem primitive, a simple smartphone has more computing power  than NASA had when it put the first man on the moon. We don’t have a Warp…

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The Illusion of Democracy

After my last article Trumped? I felt there were still some points that I wanted to make, so here it is. Firstly I’ll look at the world of marketing, something that I know a fair bit about. I’m sorry to all those of you that know this stuff, but I’ve always found that many people are surprised about what actually goes on in this field. Let’s take for example, a bottle of beer and how we would market it. Firstly, we’d have to look at the consumer marketplace, in particular beer drinkers and decide if there were any segments…

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On Nov 15th, at 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, Donald Trump made a major announcement from the White House. (see here) The announcement was all about the President’s tour of the Far East and his negotiation with Japan, South Korea, China and the Philippines. The President talked about the hospitality he’d received, the good will, sanctions against North Korea and free but fair trade discussions that he’d had. I found all of this interesting for the following reasons. I was recently watching a video by Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian Professor currently lecturing in the US and a member…

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The Brexit Illusion

To understand the state of Brexit today, let’s start by looking at the macroeconomic situation. The economic situation in the US is rapidly deteriorating, in spite of the illusions pedalled by politicians and bankers that things are improving. I’m going to use a couple of alternative media sources here, not because I’ve relied on them for research but for illustrative purposes, I’ve a limited word count and they explain this very well. This X22 report, explains what is really happening to the US economy and I think it’s something that we all realise. Debt in the US, government, corporate…

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