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News review – Thursday 15 March 2018

Brexit Express JACOB Rees-Mogg has warned Theresa May if she accepts EU demands to keep the UK tied to Brussels rules and regulations if trade talks collapse it could lead to the collapse of the Government, it has been reported. The Prime Minister said she will accept EU demands for a “backstop” on issues relating to the Irish border. But she slammed the proposed text by Brussels as “unacceptable” as it includes proposals for Northern Ireland to remain aligned to EU rules on issues like farming and energy no trade deal is struck. Last month the PM warned it…

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News review – Wednesday 14 March 2018

EU Sky News The UK will “regret” its decision to leave the European Union, Brussels’ top official has warned. Things “cannot remain as they are” for the UK in its relationship with the EU once it has left the bloc, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said in an address to the European Parliament. Mr Juncker was cheered by eurosceptic MEPs as he referenced the UK’s departure date of March 29 2019. Responding to the small group, Mr Juncker said the time would come “when you will regret your decision”. Nigel Farage hit back shortly after. “The EU is bullying us,”…

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News review – Tuesday 13 March 2018

Brexit Express THE European Union could end up “empty-handed” if the bloc pushes Britain too hard in the search of a good Brexit transition deal, a political analyst has warned. Britain and the EU are on a collision course as March 29, 2019 – the date the UK quits the bloc – draws ever closer.  The EU wants to finalise an agreement on the details by autumn this year, in order that the national parliaments of the 27 member states and the European Parliament can agree to a deal.  Amid fears time is running out, a political analyst has…

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News review – Monday 12 March 2018

Russia Times Theresa May is on the verge of publicly blaming Russia for the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal and ordering expulsions and sanctions against President Putin’s regime. An announcement could come as early as today after a meeting of the government’s National Security Council at which ministers will be presented with the latest intelligence on the Salisbury attack. Senior government sources suggested that the police and security services had established sufficient evidence to link Moscow with the nerve agent used to try to kill the former Russian double agent and his 33-year-old daughter. Mail Theresa May is…

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Sunday papers – 11 March 2018

Brexit The attitude of the EU towards Brexit has not gone unnoticed by the British public, says the Telegraph. Two in three people believe the European Union is attempting to “bully” the UK in the Brexit negotiations, according to a new poll. A survey carried out for the Telegraph reveals that while the split of Leave and Remain voters is largely unchanged since the referendum, 67 per cent of individuals, regardless of their voting preference, agreed that “the EU is trying to bully the UK” in its approach to the talks. The figures come after several senior pro-Europe figures warned that…

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