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WISHING US ALL A MERRY BEXIT CHRISTMAS! Thursday, 23rd June was the Happiest Day of 2016 for all of us ‘Kippers because we achieved what we originally set out to do: we won the Referendum for Britain to Leave the European Union! And the joy hasn’t stopped since. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Iceland’s President, agreed that Brexit was good news for Iceland, and argued that with Brexit, northern countries will only become more and more important: with Brexit, Northern countries will only become more and more important! CRACKER JOKE: What’s the difference between Brexit and Christmas? With Brexit, there are No Brussels…

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The trial of Geert Wilders

  Geert Wilders is a very brave man. And a very determined fighter who never gives up. Wilders is the Dutch politician who founded the nationalist, right-wing Party for Freedom in the Netherlands in 2006 and is Parliamentary Group Leader in the Dutch House of Representatives. His views on the European Union largely mirror those in Britain and following the Brexit result of our Referendum, he too called for such a Referendum on the Netherlands’ membership of the EU. Also, he and his party want to control their country’s borders in order to stem the influx of migrants, in…

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Civil war again?

It is almost 375 years since the last great English Civil War when King Charles I was beheaded for believing too strongly in the divine right of kings to rule our country. Are we about to have another civil war to emasculate the Remainers who believe too strongly in the divine right of the European Union to do the same? Charles, like his father, James I, believed that a king was established by God to rule a nation and therefore a king’s (his) decisions on how to rule could not be wrong. Charles therefore expected Parliament to do as…

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Conspiracy or not?

Now, this is just going to sound like conspiracy nonsense but, as they say, just because it sounds like nonsense, how do you know, for sure, that there isn’t a conspiracy? Just for once, tuck away your cynicism, read the article below and  –  think hard. There are two main questions: Why are the Governments of the larger countries of Europe so desperate to keep the European Union going and, indeed, to expand to the outer borders of the continent and beyond, for instance to Muslim Turkey?  And… Why are the Governments of the West in general so lax, or even…

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Is the Islamic religion taking over?

Although many people are now secular, with the steady increase of world-wide immigrants into the UK roughly 170 religions are now represented. While Christianity is still the main religion, according to the results from the UK Census back in 2011, Islam was the second largest with about 3 million worshippers. But that was five years ago and since then, of course, there have been large numbers of mainly Muslim refugees arriving in Britain from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries in the grip of war and more arrivals who are ‘economic migrants’ from various countries in Africa and elsewhere who are just looking for a more prosperous life than their…

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