Author: Roger Turner

The Right Words

If Paul Nuttall is struggling to find the right words to enunciate  the real effects of Islamation on our way of life he could not do better than quote Michael Nazir – Ali the former Bishop of Rochester whose article in Saturday`s Daily Telegraph detailed a very explicit warning of the dangers not just of direct terrorist threats, but went on to describe events that many on UKIP Daily members have  been urging him to take on board as one of UKIP`s prime purposes True  Social Cohesion Lies in Reformed Islam Only by tackling the influence of religious radicals…

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What enemy?

  The other day the defence minister Michael Fallon pointed out in a speech that the ‘enemy’ was Russia. As I understand it this was said to distinguish it from  the ‘real’ enemy which, of course, is ISIL or Daesh. In the age of fake news, it should be pointed out that this intemperate and fallacious utterance is dangerous in the extreme. If by this he merely meant awkward, uncooperative or mendacious, or even interfering in the internal affairs of others, yes! He might have grounds for those conclusions, but the term ‘enemy’ in many peoples’ book often denotes circumstances which can result in a military conclusion and when it is used in connection with  the behaviour of a major power – Russia – that is more what we used to call ‘fighting talk’, closely akin to provocation and certainly inflammatory. Michael Fallon is not alone in adopting this warmongering posture; in this case he is only enlarging upon the spadework put in by his EU comrades who having invested so much political capital in bringing about ‘regime change’ in the Ukraine, poked the Russian tiger and tried to snatch this country into Nato and eventually the EU – remember the visits to that country of  Rumpey-Pumpey and his handmaiden, that unctuous and dangerous Barrosso, eloquently backed up by those supreme regime-change merchants the USA fresh from their success in Tunisia,…

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The Commonwealth: A Burning Issue

On the 25th February 1962, Heather wrote to Roger, an Assistant Purser on a ship bound for the West Coast of Africa: “Well what do you think is going to happen over this Common Market business?..things seem to be “hotting up” Roger replied on the 10th March 1962, having already put pen to paper the previous year to a question on the same subject. “I would hate to think that we are not getting sufficient guarantees for the Commonwealth” “……… I think basically the idea is sound in that we shall provide a mutually larger market, but that I…

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New Lamps for Old

Well,  it’s not far off the pantomime season and UKIP has certainly been writing the script for a Bramah production. They say a good story should have a beginning, a middle  and an end – so should a good pantomime. It  looks as though finally it will be Paul Nuttall offering the shiny new vision for a  rejuvenated UKIP relevant to the new role of independence after Brexit, which I assume in whatever battered guise will surely come, leaving Nigel to continue to find hidden goodies in his box of magic tricks which will keep Magpie May’s toes warm,…

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The Pied Piper Job Done

Do you know, the first time I saw Nigel in the flesh, no I am not referring to a time when he was down to his underpants and confessing to “not quite skinny dipping”; but it was a few years ago when he was making one of his `pop up` appearances during a normal Gainsborough Tuesday market day. As he ambled among the stall holders affably greeting perfect strangers seemingly as lifelong friends. He was accompanied by what I would have called a coterie of “hoodies” in my younger day, sort of embryo gangsters clad in leather jackets and funny gringo hats. Nigel…

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