Author: Robert Henderson

Brexit and Surviving Mrs Maybe

  The shamelessly   anti-democratic remainers are queuing up to cheat the British electorate of Brexit. Those in the media and the likes of Gina Miller  shriek that a hard Brexit is dead and it is already  reported that remainer MPs from both the Tory and Labour parties are plotting to overturn  Brexit and Theresa May knows about it but does nothing. May’s Chancellor Philip Hammond openly defies her on Brexit by saying that no deal with the EU would be a “very bad outcome”. In Scotland, the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon beats the same drum and the leader of…

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Why the Universal Wage is a Non-Starter

The universal or citizen’s wage is finding favour in various political quarters. This is remarkable because it is very obviously hopelessly  impractical. The idea of the universal wage is that every adult in a society should receive  a payment from the state. It is predicated on these two rules:   The payment should be enough to live on. It should replace all forms of direct welfare which provide money to the individual. Indirect welfare such as healthcare and education would continue as now. If the payment is not enough to live on then it will be impossible to do…

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Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – Living beyond their means

The Office for National Statistics (ONS)  has produced  its first regional analysis of UK  public spending and tax collected. The ONS describes the statistics as experimental and their  methodology can be found here at the beginning of the analysis. Hence, it should be treated with caution.  However, the figures given by the ONS for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland are probably broadly correct because the ONS  also give figures for English regions which vary widely and seem to correspond to the economic strength of each region. If the English region figures are broadly correct then so should be those…

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What would be the effects of a radical reduction in immigration to the UK? Part II

This is the second part of a two part article by Robert Hnderson. Part I can be found here. Would there be an unmanageable labour shortage? The  idea that Britain is short of  labour  for  most  purposes  is   absurd.   The official figure for those of working  age (16-64) who are economically inactive in the UK is just under 9 million, or nearly a quarter of the age group. Clearly not all of those would be able or willing to work, but equally clearly a large proportion would be able and willing to work if the conditions were right, for…

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What would be the effects of a radical reduction in immigration to the UK?

Ed: Next to ensuing that we do get the proper Brexit and not a soft-soap EU version, immigration is one of the key issues in the forthcoming General Election. In the absence of a Manifesto, members need to know how to argue the points on immigration so as to counter the usual arguments brought forward by the establishment. It is not sufficient for us simply to fixate on numbers, on ‘in-and-out’ statistics. Following the article series by James Dalton on immigration (see Part 3 with links to the earlier Parts), here is another two-part series, providing even more arguments:…

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