Author: Roger Turner

It’s Events, Dear Boy

So politics are to re-commence on Friday of this week. I do hope our politicians and the sycophantic MSM will realise it will not be acceptable to return to the same subjects, where we left off on Monday. If I recall correctly, Mrs. May being crucified for some form of chicanery with a disappearing piece of head gear having made a miraculous re-appearance on some poor pensioners pension arrangements. And Mr. Corbyn`s elaborate pick and mix cornucopia of tax and spend excesses which apparently will leave a £58 billion black hole in our borrowing requirement. Plus a return to…

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UKIP: A Fit of the Miseries

Cast your mind back to the 24th June last year. More than half the British nation was in a state divided into an element of disbelief, backed by a following element of euphoria: we were a happy nation, we were a very relieved set of bunnies to have the prospect of the removal, collectively, of a 40 year old monkey from our backs. I suppose that after the pre-Brexit “fear” campaign we should not be surprised that many of the previous suspects have made it their business to continue spreading their original poison, unabashed by the evidence that things…

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UKIP – Reset or Refocus – Part 2

I started listing the reasons why we wanted to leave the EU in Part I, and continue from where I left off: d) We want control of our own laws, we do not want to be subservient to the ECJ, we do not wish to continue to stay in an organisation which eventually would require us to fully adopt the European Corpus Juris system of law at the expense of our law derived from Magna Carta (one of the essential tenets is that we have Habeas Corpus; the miscreant must be charged or released during a period of days…

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UKIP – Reset or Refocus. Part I

If you want to give yourself a reason to re-focus, treat yourself to a look at “The Wright Stuff” on Channel 5. I just have and it didn’t take me more than five minutes into the programme to start wanting to throw things at the screen; what was going on would more “wrightly” have been called  “Wrightly Stuff and Nonsense”, portrayed in the characteristic malicious and clever-clever arch manner he reserves for us semi-intelligent morons whom he assumes hang on his every dripping word. I know this particular item was about a newspaper report that some parents were refusing…

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View from the doorstep

I was out pushing leaflets for the local elections this afternoon. I was invited in for a cup of tea by a supporter I had visited before; in fact, I arrived just as her carer was delivering plates of food. This lady has cancer and is obviously in a very, very feeble physical condition But her mind and spirit were far from feeble. She was as sharp as a tack and well up to date with many of the local and national political nuances. Her first question was: “How do you think we are going to do?” and so the…

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