Author: Jim Makin

Book review

This is highly personal account of the Muslim diaspora in Britain and the way in which it is and has been treated by the Governments of the day and by others over her lifetime. The author sets the title in context by relating how various ‘others’ (Catholics, Jews, gays etc) have, over the course of British history, been considered as ‘the enemy within’. Likewise she skips through an entertaining review of our brushes with Islam from the 8th century to modern times – King John could have had a lot more to answer for! “Hard-headed”, “well informed”, “deeply shocking”,…

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Open Memo to Paul Nuttall

Dear Paul, We are relieved to see you back hale and hearty after your experiences in Stoke Central and we welcome your renewed commitment to the politics of confrontation – confrontation of the Establishment with the truth. We also congratulate you on the listening exercise conducted recently with the South East Regional branch chairmen. We hope that this is a first step towards ensuring that communications between the party leadership and the membership develop into a proper two-way street – full duplex as we technocrats say. Now that Nigel is getting his life back the Party needs to find…

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I have spent an illuminating afternoon educating myself upon the history of the English Parliament, courtesy of Wikipedia (groan not – it may not be totally authoritative but it is readable and, ultimately, fascinating). What comes across very clearly is how our Parliament has been forged throughout history by the need to reconcile the people with their rulers. At every stage the power has ebbed and flowed, contingent upon circumstances and the attitude/impecuniousness of the rulers of the day, occasionally breaking into outright civil war, but always reverting to the pragmatic solution that was felt appropriate to the time….

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A Book Review: Revolting!

Revolting! By Mick Hume ISBN 978-0-00-822082-2 published in 2017 by William Collins (HarperCollins) – 222 pages plus notes. A small yellow book, I saw it in a local bookshop recently and, intrigued by the title, I bought it. The title, evocative of “the peasants are ..”, sets the scene, and the subtitle “How the establishment are undermining democracy and what they are afraid of” puts us in the right ball-park. Published in 2017 in the wake of the Brexit referendum and the “outrageous” election of “the Donald”, this is not only topical and bang up to date, but also…

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Whither UKIP?

Saturday’s Daily Telegraph editorial nails the point perfectly – once out of the EU, Britain needs to roll back the creeping tide which is undermining our freedom and democracy. The tide that arguably began incoming in 1972 and accelerated under Tony Blair through David Cameron. The list is long but the underlying point simple – the State has increasingly taken upon itself the authority to right all the (perceived or real) wrongs of the nation (even of the world!) and to force its solutions upon us, heedless of the costs, the practicalities, and careless of the need for the…

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