Author: Freddy Vachha

Good Muslim – Bad Muslim?

Science certainly isn’t the answer to everything, but it has delivered huge improvements in the quality of life over the last several centuries. Almost all technology that we enjoy today exists as a direct result of the scientific method. In both science and its handmaiden, maths, we: (a) first rigorously define things, and then (b) determine their properties, and then (c) explore uses for these properties. Without completing (a), we won’t be able to reliably progress to (b), let alone (c). Almost half of UKIP Daily seems to be about Muslims. And in our Leadership contest, Islam is (whether…

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UKIP and Islam – a Most Necessary Debate. Part II

[Ed: Read Part I here. Part I concluded with the sentence picked up here in Part II.] A much more significant debate, one where right and logic are very clearly on our side, relates to the Shariafication of Britain. This is via the Womb, the Entry Permit and the Minbar (mosque pulpit). Inter alia, I’m a mathematician with a love for statistics, and demographic projections are often challenging. It is my opinion that there are seven factors making the Shariafication of our country a colossal issue: (1) Significant differentials in birth rates reported by the Office for National Statistics…

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UKIP and Islam – a Most Necessary Debate. Part I

[Ed: Freddy Vachha originally posted this text as comment under the article “Appeasers and Cowards”. It was far too long, so we asked him if we could post it as article because of its importance for the debate we must have in UKIP. Freddy agreed and detailed his arguments further. His reply is published below. It comes in two parts, Part II to republished tomorrow.] For the avoidance of doubt – and, for the many who know me, there shouldn’t have been any – it isn’t as if I am opposed to everything, or even most things, in this article on…

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Introduction I write this because I want to ensure that the million UK citizens “over there” are dealt with fairly. Simply hoping that the other side will play as fairly as we have done won’t wash. The EU has form. We need to make it clear it is quid pro quo. That will ensure all four million (EU and our ex-Pats) are dealt with fairly – no expulsions of those settled, either here or there. I also acknowledge that some constitutionalists believe that the Crown Prerogative cannot be used to repeal the ECA 1972. I do not share their…

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