Author: Vivian Evans

Letters to the Editor – Friday 23rd March 2018

Today’s letters touch on issues relating to UKIP and on the continuing disaster that is the Government’s Fishery Policy. These letters are all challenging Kippers to do something, from letter-writing to debates in their branches in particular or here on UKIP Daily in general. The first letter is from our contributor Malcolm Watson: Sir, I’ve just started looking further into the workings of DEFRA and am wondering why, just why, DEFRA and the government seem so intent on betraying UK Fishing Communities by selling us out to the EU. I’m beginning to wonder if this is a case of…

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Letters to the Editor – Wednesday 21st March 2018

Today’s first letter is from our eminent contributor Torquil Dick-Erikson. His warnings on the ‘Security Treaty’ which leaves the EAW in place must be taken very seriously indeed and will hopefully lead to action on our, UKIP’s, part: Sir, Now even the Express is cheering on the perfidious “Security Treaty”. Everybody is jumping up and down about the “Transitional agreement”, protesting – quite rightly – about the betrayal of our fishermen, or admiring Mrs May’s “steely resolve” in the face of “Russian aggression”, while under the radar this Security Treaty with the blasted European Arrest Warrant is going through…

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Letters to the Editor – Saturday 17th March 2018

Today’s first letter is from Mike Hookem MEP. He attacks the civils ervants whoe secret meeting was reported in The Sun, addressing the issue of their commiting us to remain entangled in the EU Army via PESCO: Sir, I refer to the Whitehall Officials who boasted in a secret meeting with EU Diplomats of how years of future EU/UK defence ties would be hidden from the public. It’s exactly this kind of backroom dealing that caused Brexit in the first place. As reported in The Sun, Senior Brexit Department official Victoria Billing has likened post-Brexit defence ties – including…

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There are times in the affairs of a nation when arguments and observations previously deemed to be exceedingly ludicrous by those with vested interests suddenly are shown to have been perfectly reasonable. There’s the despicable practice by government to ‘hide bad news’ on days of a national catastrophe or tragedy. This has been going on since 7/7. Let’s not forget that after so many years of practice, and after many journalists having moved into minister’s PR departments and moving back to their old playgrounds this practice has now become a fine art. Then there’s the ancient habit of those…

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Letters to the Editor – Thursday 15th March 2018

Today’s first letter comes from Mike Hookem MEP who castigates Vince Cable, leader of the LibDems, in no uncertain terms: Sir, The speech by Lib-Dem leader Vince Cable on Sunday is politically motivated attempt to whip up yet more Brexit hatred. He branded older Brexit voters as nostalgic “for a world where passports were blue, faces were white, and the map was coloured imperial pink”, leading to the “hopes and aspirations of young people” being crushed for years to come. While Vince Cable did not explicitly say Brexit voters were racist, in my opinion, the meaning of his words was…

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