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“Fear is the Key” is the title of a thriller from the last century. Just as ‘1984’ has become the manual according to which our governments – national, international, supranational (that’s the EU, ok?) – operate, “fear” is the instrument they now use ever more blatantly. As we remember, “Project Fear” was meant to frighten us into staying in the EU, and the Remoaners are still desperately using it. But now – this is where ‘international comes in – “Fear” is being used globally, and what we must fear is ‘cyber warfare’. The first stones in this mosaic were...

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Letters to the Editor – Monday 16th April 2018

Today’s first letter comes from Peter Mchugh, in the form of his much-loved ‘Caustic Comment’:   Caustic Comment  A Thrice Cheated Electorate  –  14 – 4 – 18 Our ill-starred association with Europe  in the form of the EEC and EU has now spanned forty five years and hence someone of voting age then, is now in their sixties and can justifiably claim to be one of the Britain’s cheated generations. Cheated first in the early 70s via an elaborate media campaign, into membership of a Common Market (which never was)   Cheated again later via John Major’s signing...

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“We have Proof – Trust Us” – – Syria, Russia and the West

It’s the same old, threadbare story, being told over and over again when our governments feel the need to go to war. And it’s not just one particular government, just one super-power doing this, no, they’re all at it. Again. With the world on the brink of a confrontation between the USA and Russia, thanks to yet another alleged ‘chemical gas attack’ in Syria, one might have thought that by now our various government figures had learned something. But no – the old lies are peddled again and again. Let’s cast our minds back, to Blair and Bush and...

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Appeals from the SW Region to all members

Helen Hims, UKIP SW Regional Communications Officer, forwarded us the following messages. All members from other regions who can attend are very welcome!   St George’s Day Brexit event   “UKIP Yeovil & Taunton Deane branch are holding a ‘Brexit’ table-top stall on Monday 23rd April starting at 10am in the middle of Taunton (near Fore Street).  The branch would be very grateful for any extra help and support. Contact Godfrey Davey, email:, tel:  01935 427926 for further details, or just turn up on the day.   Campaign Event in Swindon   On Saturday 14th of April 2018,...

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Your help is needed!

ACTION DAY ON SATURDAY 14TH APRIL – ALL WELCOME: Another date for your diaries:   On Saturday 14th April 2018 UKIP Torbay branch is holding an Action Day in Torquay (Primark) in support of The Fishing for Leave campaign. Meet up at 09.30 at the UKIP shop in Market Street TQ1 3AW Tel 01803 214344 Please let your members and colleagues know and come along & support the Fishing community if you can.   ~~~~~~~~~   000   ~~~~~~~~   From Helen Hims, UKIP SW Regional Communications Officer: As you’re aware we don’t have many local elections in the SW this year, but two...

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