Author: Torquil Dick-Erikson


Not just EAW arrests are unconstitutional, but so are all arrests made on no evidence. This is the chief difference between an arrest made on a domestic arrest warrant and an arrest made on a European Arrest Warrant. A domestic arrest warrant must be backed by evidence already collected, under our UK laws on Habeas Corpus, based on Magna Carta sec.38 (see below). In contrast, under the Napoleonic-inquisitorial systems used in continental Europe, a suspicion based on clues held by the investigator (who usually wears a judge’s robe), is enough to order an arrest and an imprisonment. Then they...

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The unconstitutional EAW – Part 2

[Ed: Please read Part 1 of this essay which was published on UKIP Daily  here.] Since the WMA85 did not explicitly repeal any provisions of the ECA1972, which it might have done by including words like “any provisions in or deriving from the ECA72 notwithstanding”, but didn’t, then in this case the earlier ECA72 must be held to prevail over the later WMA85. They even added, as a consolation “sop” to the defence and to Eurosceptics in general, that Parliament is in any case free to repeal the ECA72 whenever it wishes, as long as it does so explicitly. The...

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The unconstitutional EAW

The European Arrest Warrant is unconstitutional. It must – and can – be struck down. Not just EAW arrests, but all arrests made on no evidence, such as those suffered by Lauren Southern, and others. Most think the EAW is just about catching criminals. It is not. It is a tool for tyranny. It is a threat to the freedom of the innocent. It can be wielded by the British authorities, but also by any judiciary – however dodgy – anywhere in Europe, against any of us. Theresa May and Amber Rudd want it to continue indefinitely, in a...

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The Seventh Brexit in our Island’s History

Firstly, My hearty congratulations to Gerard Batten, who is now our interim leader. I hope he will then run as leader proper in the subsequent election. He is off to an excellent start with his interview on Sky, where he said, when questioned, “Yes, I confirm that Islam is a death cult, for those who take a literalist interpretation of the Koran.” UKIP can now expect to engage with the issue of militant Islam, which both Bolton and Farage seem allergic to, and yet which is of concern to millions in Britain, and of course ignored by all the...

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UKIP leadership – it simply has to be you.

Dear Gerard, Awaiting the National Executive Committee meeting tomorrow, I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts with you, if you have a few moments. I am copying this to Viv Evans, asking her to publish it as an open message not only to you but also to the NEC, and in the hope that UKIP members will be able to express their views in readers’ comments, and that the NEC will take account of these views in their deliberations. In a word, I am hoping that the NEC will call on Bolton to resign and on you to...

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