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A Yeoman’s Miscellany

February 15, 2018 // 49 Comments

UKIP Daily readers and callers to Lexdrum House, are a self-selecting group. As any pollster will tell you, such a sample is an unreliable guide as to how an electorate will vote. While it is encouraging to see support on UKIP Daily (and its ally Kipper Central) for getting rid of Bolton we cannot [...]


February 13, 2018 // 40 Comments

There are party members who think Henry Bolton should stay as leader. The reasons given, at least through UKIP Daily, do not amount to a very convincing case. The case for him staying appears to be a belief in a conspiracy by the NEC and shadowy others to frustrate Henry’s reforms, said to be [...]


February 5, 2018 // 45 Comments

Revolution is in the air! We are being called upon to overthrow the NEC and usher in a new era. Henry Bolton’s new website declares that: “The forthcoming EGM provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to renew the NEC on bloc, for one that will support reform and we can change the ethos of the [...]

UKIP’s Vice

October 4, 2017 // 87 Comments

Snobbery is the confusion of social status with human worth. It is commonly encountered as superiority over lower social classes, or background, or educational level. Psychologists say it is a defence mechanism to mask feelings of inferiority or may be learnt behaviour from snobbish parents. But [...]

The media are laughing at UKIP yet again, but this is getting serious

March 15, 2017 // 66 Comments

Yesterday, newspapers reported Arron Banks’s latest contretemps with UKIP and the party was a joke once again. For once, this was unfair. Banks’ latest attention seeking contribution had been to claim that he has been `kicked out of UKIP’ for saying that Paul Nuttall “couldn’t knock [...]

Did you know ….

March 13, 2017 // 5 Comments

Did you know that Google reported that the most searched for term in the run up to the general election had been “UKIP”? Millions more than eventually voted for UKIP had been researching the party. The web site was the party’s chance to speak directly to people – in their millions at the [...]

How to Help Anne Marie

March 10, 2017 // 126 Comments

The response to Anne Marie Waters’ article “UKIP must face Islam or die” has been impressive. Just as there was pent up demand for a party to speak out over immigration so there is a similar pent up demand over Sharia. Only UKIP can say what everyone is in fact thinking but no other party [...]

A Word on Carswell

March 3, 2017 // 66 Comments

Another standoff between Nigel and Carswell. For a time, I thought Nigel might be preparing to leave UKIP, that his pride would force him to, having publicly declared Carswell must go. A UKIP with Carswell still in and Nigel out would not be viable. I felt that the legal niceties were irrelevant to [...]

Fake News – looking back in anger

November 22, 2016 // 29 Comments

So Diane James has left UKIP. Reasons for such a step are political or personal. She says she wishes the party “well for the future”, but if that were truly the case then she would not have left. Her role is purely that of an MEP and there is no evidence that she has any problem in that role, [...]

UKIP Leadership – To the Westminster hustings!

November 2, 2016 // 39 Comments

Last night’s hustings for the UKIP leadership was held in Westminster at the Emmanuel Centre.  All the candidates were present for a change; Paul Nuttal, Suzanne Evans, Peter Whittle and John Rees-Evans. Of course, if two of those candidates have a secret pact, about which more in a moment, then [...]
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