Author: Stuart Agnew MEP

Notes from an MEP

I was in Brussels on Tuesday and, whilst going through correspondence, came across the term ‘Accidental American’.  An English wife of such an individual had written to me explaining the problem. Her husband was born in America to non-American parents who had a short-term visa to work in the country. He left as a toddler with his family to live in France and thought no more about it. As an adult, he opened a bank account in France. The American authorities now regard him as an American citizen who is hiding his wealth in off-shore bank accounts, to avoid...

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Religious slaughter: My correspondence with UKIP member Brenda Rattle

Below is the correspondence between Stuart Agnew MEP, initiated by his article Religious Slaughter and Brenda Rattle, UKIP Member, who proposed publication in UKIP Daily and gave her permission to do so (see her last communication). We publish it as we received it: 24th October 2017: UKIP DAILY – New comment on your post “Religious Slaughter” Author: Brenda Rattle Mr Agnew You supported AMW in her leadership election campaign recently knowing full well her stance on the matter of non-stun slaughter. Yet you try to make a case for non stun slaughter at every opportunity. To that end, I am...

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Religious Slaughter

There are two religious groups that insist that animals are slaughtered without pre-stunning. Both have different reasons for doing so. The Jews believe that God is content for the killing of one of his creatures if it is for the benefit of feeding mankind, but that pain and suffering must be minimised. Extreme care is therefore taken with the handling of the animal pre-slaughter. This is important not only for animal welfare reasons but a relaxed and un-stressed animal will not release certain hormones into its bloodstream that subsequently spoil the quality of the meat. The throat of the...

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It is illegal to use this material anywhere in the food chain. It is, however, cleared for use on cats and dogs for external application to control fleas and other insect pests. Fiprinol was found in eggs that were produced in the Netherlands. As that country is 300% self-sufficient in eggs, very large quantities are exported. A problem there very soon becomes a problem across Europe. One of the most economically damaging hen welfare problems in the poultry industry is the presence of ‘red mite’. This is a minute parasite that hides in crevices during the day and then,...

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On GM Crops

Every day, apart from the 4% who insist on an organic diet, the British people will eat food derived from imported GM crops usually destined for livestock feed. This will be the case if they are consuming milk and derived products, eggs and derived products, pork, beef, chicken, duck and turkey. It may be the case with cooking oil, margarine, sugar and farmed salmon. No complaints have been substantiated that the safety, quality or taste of this food has deteriorated in the fifteen years of these GM crop imports. Every day, British people wear underwear and sanitary products made...

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