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Only 32% of Welsh People Support the Expansion of the National Assembly for Wales

A poll conducted in March revealed that only 32% of Welsh people support the proposed expansion of the National Assembly for Wales. In light of these findings, UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton has called for a referendum, while Gareth Bennett AM characterised the ongoing Assembly-backed public consultation on expansion as, “a political scam to hoodwink the Welsh public into accepting more AMs by stealth”. The poll, undertaken by independent pollsters Opinium, and commissioned by UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton AM and Gareth Bennett AM, asked a weighted sample of the Welsh public about the proposed expansion. The poll revealed...

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Letters to the Editor – Sunday 15th April 2018

The first letter today, from our reader Tim Pope, refers to Catherine Blaiklock’s article on female doctors and makes grim reading: Sir, Catherine Blaiklock is without a doubt absolutely right in her analysis, which incidentally works also for nurses (see her article in UKIP Daily here). I have a son of nearly 33. He has passed out with top scores in  every exam. He came 6th in the country in an Ophthalmology exam, which he took voluntarily,  and passed in the top 10 worldwide in a highly respected USA qualification related to Cardiology. It will be a minimum of...

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The Continuing Relevance of Article 127 of the EEA Agreement

Thursday (29th March 2018) was the last day on which the Government could have given formal notification that it wished to withdraw from the European Economic Area Agreement (EEAA) on Brexit Day (29th March 2019), in accordance with Article 127 of the Agreement.  As it has consistently indicated was its intention, the Government did not send a notice of withdrawal to the other parties to the Agreement. This raises the immediate question: how do things stand now? The first thing to say is that the earlier situation has been changed somewhat by what appear to be mutually agreed provisions...

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DAVID MORELAND: This Government Is Doing Nothing To Protect Us!

Editors Note: David Moreland, the author of this article, is the UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman.  Unfortunately, having listened to our Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her Home Office minister Victoria Atkins confirmed what I have known for a long time, the government genuinely believe that the majority of the British People are stupid and will accept everything they are told. Well, we have reached the point now where on this policing issue along with many other problems the government have been severely discredited. As an ex-Metropolitan Police CID officer, I have always kept close contact, across several forces, with...

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