Author: Robert Henderson

The Right to Self Defence in English Law – Part III

  Ed: Continued from Part I published here and Part II published here . The Right to Own and Carry Weapons The right to self-defence is intimately connected with the right to own and carry weapons. If a man or woman cannot keep a weapon, in many circumstances he or she will be effectively defenceless. The problem in Britain is that the possession of any weapon by the private individual is being made increasingly difficult, ostensibly on the grounds of public safety, but in reality from of a desire by those with political power to control the general population....

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The Right to Self Defence in English Law – Part II

Ed: Continued from Part I published here   What is a Reasonable Law of Self-defence? What then is a reasonable law of self-defence? The great bugbear at present is proportionality of response. In drafting a new law, I would start from the premise that an attacker forfeits his right to the protection of the law, that he literally takes his life into his hands. If the attacker is seriously wounded or even killed, that should be seen simply as a reasonable consequence of the attack. The test of ‘reasonable force’ would become defunct. All that would have to be...

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The Right to Self Defence in English Law – Part I

Ed ¬ This is Part 1, please lookout for part 2 in the next few days. The law on reasonable force as it is presently interpreted goes something like this: if you are attacked with a knife you may defend yourself with a knife: if you are attacked with bare fists you may defend yourself likewise. Do more in either instance and you will be in danger of being charged with an offence against the person, anything from common assault to murder. Pedantic proportionality is all. If you carry on assaulting your assailant after he is disabled, you will...

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The Threatening Implications of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are best thought of as fiat currencies without a country backing them.   A fiat currency is one in which the money is not based on a valuable commodity like gold or silver but on something of little or no intrinsic value such as paper money or coins made with base metal.  It is made legal tender by law.  Its market worth is based on confidence, both domestic and international.   That confidence is a reflection both of how the currency actually performs,  the regulatory regime which governs the currency and the general standing of the issuing authority which is...

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Theresa  May and the attempted murder of  Brexit – Part Five

 [Ed: This is the final part of this series by Robert Henderson.] The future If the negotiations continue as they have to date with May conceding ground time and time again the UK will probably be in a  Hotel California situation of booking out but never being able to leave. Politics is a fluid business and the longer the Brexit process continues the greater the opportunities for remainers to sabotage it. Labour might win the next election with a promise to hold a second referendum to keep the UK in the EU or even stand on a platform which...

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