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This article comes with a Trigger warning. Readers should have their blood pressure pills and a stiff drink waiting in their ‘safe space’. As the CEO of a small microbiology business which trades internationally and provides services and products to the biotech industry, under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), I am used to navigating my way around endless, tedious, often irrelevant, supplier questionnaires, (The worst was 22 pages). Increasingly, especially in institutions and large multinationals opting to outsource, purchasing departments leave both my customers – far away from the action in their laboratories – and my office staff, tearing their...

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Under the terms of the constitution, if the members present at the EGM on February 17th do not endorse the NEC’s unanimous vote of no confidence in the leader, then all 12 elected  members of the NEC must stand down. This has allowed leader, Henry Bolton and others, notably former leader, Nigel Farage, to tap into widespread discontent with the running of the party and portray the forthcoming vote as Henry vs the NEC. This is a dangerous route to take. If sufficient members are deceived we will have a leader who has lost the respect of many members,...

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Henry Bolton on Manoeuvres – Frimley 27 January

If a week is a long time in politics, then the last three months is an aeon. Back in October, with a brand new leader, the Surrey Committee (Surrey’s branch chairmen) invited Henry Bolton to Surrey, to meet members and talk about his vision for the party. An informal and friendly meeting, no need for a PA system or video record. Then the storm broke, the clouds opened, rain poured through the leaking roof. With the NEC no confidence vote on January 21st the meeting’s fate hung in the balance. Cancel and lose the deposit? A replacement speaker if...

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#MeToo- The Ghost of Christmas Past

‘Christmas Time, Mistletoe and wine’ – so sang Cliff Richard in his 2003 Christmas hit. Mistletoe and wine, the mainstay of that great British Christmas tradition, the Office Christmas Party. A tradition  under threat following the recent spate of ‘sexual harassment’ allegations – you know when a creepy guy has taken a minor liberty, like touching your knee 15 years ago, only to be soundly rebuffed. About a month ago something dropped into the inbox of our company email – how to manage your office party or something like that. Party, huh, what party? No, I don’t advocate photcopying your rude bits or drunken romps in the lift but has it really come to the point where a fellow daren’t drink anything stronger than Sipsmith and has to go on bended knee to ask his colleague if it is OK to put a hand on her shoulder whilst they dance? Then Cupid’s little helper, mistletoe, came under attack in the press. Is this the end for that end of year moment when you can let your hair down in front of the boss? When the shy office junior gets his chance, with a little Dutch courage inside him, to dance with the girl from accounts he has secretly admired all year. And the now maligned mistletoe – oh yes, the fond memories. There was the time the short, slightly...

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UKIP Leadership – Watch the South East Hustings, Dorking

With the initial prospect of a football team of candidates, the Surrey Committee resolved to ask them to use their opening address to answer some of our members’ most pressing concerns about the future of our party. Below is the list we emailed out the previous Friday.   1. Briefly describe how you will establish a structure and permanent team at HQ which will use existing talent, inspire the confidence of potential donors and keep members engaged. 2. What is your vision for UKIP – what should be UKIP’s strategic target in the Kingdom’s post-EU political landscape, what should...

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