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News review – Tuesday 17 April 2018

Russia Telegraph Fears are growing that Russia, in retaliation for the missile strike on Syria over the weekend, is gearing up to conduct a major cyber assault on Britain. Just days after the attack, the threat of a crippling attack from Russia is now at its “highest possible level” the National Cyber Security Centre has warned. There is already evidence that the Kremlin ramped up its bot-fuelled fake news campaign on the UK within hours of the military action in response to a chemical weapons strike by the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, according to Whitehall sources. Mail Britain was braced for a Russian cyber attack last night...

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News review – Monday 16 April 2018

Brexit Express PRO-BRUSSELS campaigners faced ridicule last night after launching a new cross-party push dedicated to triggering a fresh referendum on Theresa May’s Brexit plans. Former Tory minister Anna Soubry and senior Labour MP Chuka Umunna were among politicians uniting yesterday for the People’s Vote campaign. And they faced jibes from Brexit supporters after recruiting Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart to be a leading spokesman for the group. Tory MP Peter Bone, a leading Leave supporter, said: “This call for a second referendum is so off the planet that I suppose it is appropriate to have someone from...

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Sunday papers – 15 April 2018

Brexit Yet another anti-Brexit campaign gets under way today, says the Times. Nine anti-Brexit groups will join together today to launch a campaign for a new referendum to give the public the final say on Theresa May’s eventual deal with Brussels. MPs from all the main parties, including the high-profile “remainers” Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry, will escalate their attempt to derail the prime minister’s plans under the banner of “the people’s vote”. They are due to attend a rally in London alongside Caroline Lucas of the Green Party and celebrities such as the Star Trek actor Sir Patrick...

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The Museum of Brexit

The story of the UK’s battle to regain its sovereignty is being set up at a new museum – and it needs your help. The objective is to establish a museum that tells the history of what we know today as Brexit. It’s the story of how the UK – in official terms – ‘pooled’ (or surrendered), and then reclaimed, our sovereignty.  The site says: “Brexit didn’t happen overnight. Nor did it happen because of a few months of concentrated campaigning. It was the consequence of decades of events, decisions, debates and controversies.  “Some of these even preceded the UK...

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Saturday papers – 14 April 2018

Air strikes The later editions of the papers cover the overnight bombing of targets in Syria. The Telegraph says: America, Britain and France have launched a coordinated airstrike in Syria to punish the regime for a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 70 people. Donald Trump announced he had ordered the strike at 9pm on Friday in Washington DC with Theresa May issuing her own statement minutes later. Three Syrian sites involved in the use of chemical weapons were targeted in the attack – one scientific facility near Damascus and two storage facilities near Homs. More than a...

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