I’ve been thinking long and hard about writing this article, but concluded that it is sadly needful.

It isn’t about the “terrorist attack” on the Finsbury Mosque, it’s about how the MSM have gone full-on ‘appease and submit’ – and never mind the facts. It’s about how they, our government, our luvvies on Twitter have created a ‘narrative’. That narrative (how I loathe that expression!) has to be maintained at all cost.

First up is of course the actual event. The MSM described this immediately as a ‘terrorist attack’ on ‘muslim worshippers’ at a mosque. It doesn’t matter that the graphics of the street lay-out they published themselves show clearly that this white van wasn’t anywhere near a mosque. No matter. Police, MSM and politicians declared, within minutes, that it was a ‘terrorist attack’ on muslim worshippers and that’s that. Shut up, you islamophobes!

Compare and contrast this with their ‘narrative’ on the Manchester terrorist attack, shredding our children, or London Bridge, attacking and killing innocent people. For a couple of days they were described as ‘incidents’, as if they somehow just happened to happen, no connection to the Religion of Peace, can’t judge a whole religion etc etc etc.

Then we got to read about that ‘Hero Imam’ who saved the driver’s life by asking his compatriots to stop kicking him. The luvvies on Twitter adored it: see how compassionate the RoP is! Not one of them asked why that was even necessary – how compassionate is it to shout ‘kill him, kill him’ and kicking the bejasus out of him? There were videos of that, but they have of course now been ‘vanished’.

Now ponder this: Ms May immediately called for more surveillance of the internet – because that driver was obviously radicalised by all those bad islamophobes out there. Unlike the terrorists of Manchester and London Bridge who were ‘known’ to the security services – this driver was unknown to MI5 and had no police record. So what ‘radicalised’ him then?

People from the pub he last visited on Saturday June 17th, told the MSM that he was thrown out of that pub for being drunk, that he’d sat in a corner mumbling to himself, making notes, and that he had been railing against muslims. A muslim neighbour told that he’d been nice to her, but after London Bridge he said something bad to her 12-year-old son.

That’s the process of ‘radicalisation’ then: his personal reaction to London Bridge. But the MSM and Twitter went into overdrive to blame …. Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and of course Nigel Farage! For the more intellectually inclined, Douglas Murray also is to blame … They’re the ‘radicalisers’ – not that islamic terrorist attack.

I note in passing that the MSM describe those muslim terrorists as ‘having been triggered’ by something the UK government did – perfectly reasonable, of course, and they wouldn’t have been ‘triggered’, obviously, if they had more safe spaces. One drunk, single white man however means that all white people who dare criticise the RoP must have been radicalised by the evil ‘alt-right’ islamophobes.

Christopher Hitchens once said:



No matter – our thoughts, our freedom not just of speech but of reading and watching what we want, that must be curtailed. After all, didn’t our own PM tell us that “islamophobia” is as bad as islamic extremism?

Of course, the TV stations and news programmes were full of muslim spokespeople, exclusively, while Tommy Robinson was labelled as ‘ex- EDL Leader’ in that epic ITV interview with Piers Morgan (that video has now been taken down by ITV).

Meanwhile, later that day there was an “incident” on the Champs Elysees (see here), where a known-to-the-securities islamist rammed a police vehicle. His car exploded because there was a gas bottle in it (perfectly innocent, and never mind the AK 47s also found there). That got barely a mention. Another “incident” yesterday in Brussels (read this) also never made the headlines: islamic business as usual, it’s just normal, ‘part and parcel’, get used to it as politicians keep telling us …

And then, on Tuesday evening, we learned that the Met Police were given more time to interrogate that driver. They used the word ‘incident’. So the police now regard this no longer as terrorist attack because under terrorism law they can hold him without charge for up to 14 day. A poignant comment said:

“The moment history will record Britain officially moving from a democracy to a fascist regime was when the Prime Minister and Chief of Police publicly declared a man guilty of terrorism before any investigation had begun and not a single journalist or legal expert dared challenge them.”

Do you remember that after Manchester and London Bridge MSM, luvvies and politicians told us not to tar a whole community of peace-loving muslims with the brush of terrorism, and that we must all love each other – ‘don’t look back in anger’? Compare that with the instant outpouring of rage and incrimination after that ‘terrorist attack’ now downgraded to ‘incident’ on Monday night: tarring the whole “white community” (yes, that expression was used!) as islamophobic racists is perfectly all right, muslim ‘rage’ is totally acceptable.

It doesn’t seem to occur to all those who have abandoned their professional duty to report objectively that what they are doing is worse than appeasement. They are promoting the submission of us, the ‘white British’, to islam. Criticising that ‘religion’, never mind being angry about their terrorist attacks, and above all never mind being angry about their child grooming gangs and gang rapes over decades: that must be prohibited in the name of ‘peace and love’.

Edmund Burke said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Prohibiting us ordinary people from speaking out against evil allows that evil to flourish and triumph.


Photo by lasjuly