Tuesday 4th November were the Mid Term elections in the USA. The Republican Party won across the board, not just winning back the Senate, but also increasing the number of Representatives and adding more State governors to the tally.

So –  heartfelt congratulations to our friends across the Big Pond!

A brief background: at these elections, the whole House of Representatives was up for re-election, as always after two years. Also, one third of the Senate was up for re-election, since Senators serve for six years as opposed to two years for representatives. Also up for re-election were a number of State governorships and the representatives in the State parliaments. The Republicans increased their seats across the board.

One footnote: It is confusing to us to hear conservatives over there being jubilant about turning their state Red. This is simply due to former TV election reporting, where democrats and Republicans were represented as red and blue, turn and turn about in each election. Then they stopped and kept the colour blue for the democrats and Red for the Republicans. So when you hear about a ‘red state’, they are not socialists, they are conservatives … !

Since the USA is our ally, the result of these elections are obviously of interest to us. However, the reporting from Washington by our British MSM has been woefully inadequate. If there is one theme in their reporting which shows their plain ignorance of how the USA is governed, it is the way in which they bewail this result as meaning that President Obama can now no longer continue to impose ‘his policies’.

In fact, according to the US Constitution, the President is meant to be a figurehead. It is not he who imposes his policies, albeit that this is what the MSM have been promoting since 2008. The Left, be they our own Labour or the Democrat Party in the USA, is given to top-down government, where the Leader shows the way and the rest, from MPs or Congress, nod their heads and support what they’ve been told to support.

According to the US Constitution however, government is ‘by the people for the people’. That is why representatives have got to go back to the people every two years. That is why the House of Representatives determines the budget, and holds the purse strings. That is why the results of these Mid Term elections are also important for us, because this shows that once the ordinary people see how they have been manipulated and imposed upon by a cabal of powerful, professional crony politicians who have been subverting the Constitution for years, they will stand up.

This election result shows ordinary people saying enough is enough. It shows ordinary people fielding candidates against the established parties, yes even against the GOP (Republicans) establishment and winning. It shows ordinary people having woken up and saying we determine who governs us and how, not the dwellers in the comfortable swamp that is Washington DC.

What is even more gratifying is that these ordinary people have beaten candidates who spent millions of dollars on their campaigns.

But this is not the end. The people who won this election will now not go back to sleep until 2016. I hear from my friends across the Big Pond that they will now set up a force of volunteers who will check what their elected representatives say and do in Washington, and if they keep their electoral promises. That will of course be made public and be spread by social media. There won’t be any hiding now.

There will also be repercussions in regard to voter fraud, with reports having come in live yesterday about voting machines where a vote for a Republican candidate was automatically switched to the Democrat one.

This result is important for us at UKIP because it illustrates that people, once they become engaged, once they see that they actually can make a difference, are pulling others with them. It shows that those engaged in the local campaigns running for Congress can prevail against rich, powerful establishment candidates fielded by both establishment parties.

Finally, it shows that the more people point out the lies of the establishment, the more successful their candidates will be.

That is exactly what UKIP has been doing, and why our People’s Army is on the march, pulling more and more voters in.

I ought to point out that this result is not about TEA Party success (TEA = Taxed Enough Already), it is about a US People’s Army starting to march. Their most formidable weapon was, is, and will be the US Constitution.

This result is therefore a boost to our own UKIP People’s Army – not because of plain politics, but because of the success of ordinary people taking up the cudgels and getting back to ‘government by the people for the people’.

If they can do it, so can we!