The British people are without question some of the most polite, well-mannered, and cultured in the history of mankind. But if we are pushed too far, our blood can boil, as discovered the neo-liberal elite this weekend that just passed. Across the UK, in Cardiff, Nottingham, and London, the People’s Charter Foundation held a number of non-partisan pro-Brexit rallies calling for MPs to respect the voice of the people or get out. Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation, and his deputy, Martin Costello, drove around the UK, boldly speaking out against the corrupt London-centric neo-liberal establishment that is a threat to democracy.

A crowd of fifty protesters had assembled in Cardiff Bay on a cold Saturday morning to hear their words. The police were very positive towards the Brexiteers, dragging off by the collar two snobby lads, probably trust-fund latte liberals, who lurched towards Nash-Jones. Present, as well as UKIP members from Wales and South West England, were activists from the alt-left group Stand Up to Racism who chanted non-stop, like zombies, for the duration of Nash-Jones’s speech “Luke is not welcome here”. He firmly castigated the counter-protestors for their hypocrisy, for example, their leader Diane Abbott “is in no position to campaign against racism, when she herself said white mothers are inferior to black mothers.” He also lambasted the alt-left thugs for their speaker Moazzam Begg, who not only is a former detainee of the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison camp for terrorists, but also notoriously praised Jihadi John.

Despite aggression from the left, the Chartists continued to deliver their thoughts on the Welsh Assembly’s failure to respect the will of the people. Martin Costello proudly announced “I love Europe”, pointing out this he doesn’t hate the European people, but merely rejects a pan-European government. He declared, “We have people dying on trolleys due to the lack of funding, whilst you guys are sending £35 million a day to the EU gravy train in funding.” Costello called for British jobs to be given to British people, and hence the adoption of an Australian-style system. We clearly voted to leave the European Union, because we want an end to mass migration.

“We standing here today are the real voice of the working class”, announced Nash-Jones, as he called today’s Welsh Labour:

Not even a ghost of the party in the days of Peter Shore and Aneurin Bevan. Those men eviscerated the EU, with stirring speeches we even re-play with admiration today, while this house in front of me is full of leeches who care only for sucking money out of you in tax, as they sell our nation to foreign powers.

Nash-Jones, the grandson of a Welsh miner, stated that Labour “do not deserve the pedestal on which they stand”, because “Labour’s hero Harold Wilson shut twice as many mines as Thatcher”. He called for the British government to embrace the spirit of Trump and place a tax on Chinese steel so as to save Port Talbot.

Onwards the Chartists went to Beeston Square in Nottingham, the Parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe, run by Queen of the Remoaners, Anna Soubry. About 120 Brexiteers had assembled, and marched through the city chanting “Soubry Out” and “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? Now!”

Bill Etheridge MEP announced that the fightback against the Westminster establishment starts now. “We are free and we are British and we will not accept totalitarian rule from Brussels or Westminster”, he said, calling Britain the “beacon of light and freedom” in the world.

Martin Costello called upon Soubry’s constituents to “rise up” against the “greedy and treacherous Sheriff of Nottingham”. He exclaimed, “We want to see British jobs for British workers.”

Luke Nash-Jones invoked the “spirit of Robin Hood”, exclaiming:

The democracy for which the Chartists risked their lives, the freedom for which they struggled, is not the property of Anna Soubry to sacrifice! Talking on Facebook. Waffling on Whatsapp. Whining on the sofa. That won’t save Britain. We need action! Either you get up off your backsides, you put down those TV remotes, and you protest on the street, or our nation dies.

UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Broxtowe, Fran Loi, who showed great spirit by attending the rally on his 40th birthday, bravely stood against Anna Soubry (who he called “the Queen of Remain”), in the last election. Loi issued a stark warning to the government and Westminster elites. “Defy the British people at your peril”, he declared. “To any MP, who would so consciously defy the will of the British people, we send a message, to remind them, you work for us.” He was followed by words from UKIP Loughborough’s Andy McWilliam – there will soon be a People’s Charter protest in that constituency, home to Tory MP Nicky Morgan.

The Chartists’ Brexit road-trip continued to London, where about 150 protestors were present. On Sunday, Steven Woolfe MEP was the first speaker, and he condemned the ‘ultra Remainer cult’ consisting of the likes of Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg, and Kenneth Clarke who, “will not listen to democracy and the peoples’ vote”. We need to “win our Brexit back”, he stated, “freedom and democracy is what keeps us alive.” Woolfe said the British people have, “an iron will to get Brexit.”

Nash-Jones shouted to Downing Street across the road that the Prime Minister must decide whether she is a fascist, or a populist who respects the will of the people. He stated, “True fascism is the objection to democracy. The left, where Hitler resided. That’s not a good place to be!” He warned of the Saudi influence on the British government that the EU has allowed, mentioning Kalergi and the Frankfurt School. With passion he shouted:

England will not exist by the time I am old. Your children will not have a home. We will descend into the abyss of Islamo-Marxism. I say no. We will not stand idly by, crippled with fear, heads held low, as our nation, the greatest civilisation mankind ever knew, fades off into history.

Cliff Dixon exclaimed that “The people of our country are now fighting against an elite and our weapons are our words and our beliefs.” Elizabeth Jones from the NEC lambasted Theresa May

for ignoring the will of the people. The Brexiteers then marched up Whitehall, carrying a massive banner that read “The People Have Spoken. Respect our Voice.”