UKIP Daily is a news and commentary outlet for all things UKIP, like the Opinion and Letters Page in a quality broadsheet.

With the difficulties over the past year having been exacerbated in the last couple of months, it’s time for Kippers all over the country to pull together and rebuild the party.

There is no doubt the Party can still be a real force in politics, with 24 MEPs elected to the European Parliament and regular coverage in the national and local media.

We now have a new leader in Gerard Batten MEP who, although technically interim, looks to be starting to galvanise membership and management into action, hopefully with a view to improving our chances at this year’s local government elections in May.

UKIP Daily aims to give a platform to all views within UKIP, so that they can be discussed in an open and sensible manner.

We want the grassroots to have a say in shaping the future direction of the party; we aim to be a conduit through which their voices can be heard.

We also invite people from industry, the media and from think tanks to offer their views in order to open dialogue with the party.

UKIP Daily is independent of UKIP the Party, but the editorial staff are all members of the Party and the site is written in a supportive spirit.

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