As more and more poor, third-world countries are added to the EU it, as a whole, becomes poorer and more third-world. Free movement within its borders absolutely guarantees this process. To start with this process was fairly benign and did not make much difference.

Indeed, as long as the original members that were all wealthy and reasonably civilized were in the overwhelming majority there was a chance that adding a new poorer nation would be mutually beneficial. In theory the new addition would become more like them and blossom, injecting a new dynamism into the group as a whole. So far so good. The problem however is that the EU is a messy eater with a voracious appetite.

Some might argue that this apparently beneficial economic effect came to an end with the addition of the German ‘Democratic’ Republic aka East Germany. It matters not where we draw this line economically speaking although with East Germany came not only an economic effect but also a political one because with East Germany came its political class.

These people who were born and grew up in this totalitarian latter-day feudal environment where shooting people trying to escape their communist paradise was considered perfectly normal and acceptable had learned not only how to survive there but to profit and thrive. Of course with them came their political beliefs and their beliefs in how a country should be run. With them came an attitude of complete and utter distain for not only the well-being but even the very lives of ordinary everyday people.

It is tempting to conclude that this is the source of the arrogance and distain for ordinary working people shown by today’s EU ruling elite although some might argue it was simply a matter of like-minded people finding to their delight and surprise that they were very comfortable in their new political home. Either way it seems obvious that the East German elites would not have had a moderating effect on the EU elites they found there when they arrived. Rather one might expect them to have swapped new ideas and reinforced one another.

However, although by no means unimportant, we should not allow the political effects this process may or may not have had on the EU elites to dominate this discussion. We should not allow this to become a distraction, a smoke-screen or a red herring. (Red though this particular herring most certainly is!).

For ordinary working (or non-working) everyday people it is its economic effects that are most important.

We have already seen here in the UK the reduction of wages, increasing the wage gap between rich and poor resulting from the burgeoning immigrant population, we have seen how the growth in our GDP, a figure much vaunted by our government, has not kept pace with the growth in our population. This last aspect is not only downplayed by our government but indeed lied about with their proven understatements of how many, by fair means and foul, have come here to grace our green and pleasant land.

In my view our ever-growing national debt, a figure which seems to be accelerating, in spite of ‘cuts’ is a much more reliable indicator of how the UK is doing. One suspects that after the referendum, regardless of outcome, our dear Chancellor may well take his foot off the accelerator and slow our economy down. Right now I would imagine his foot is down flat red-lining the rev-counter as if there’s no tomorrow, in his eagerness to make things look good, hoping the remainians are enjoying the ride. But tomorrow always comes.

In my view the way forward for the UK is to curb immigration and make it highly selective. Were we to only accept immigrants as when required, determined by the real needs of our economy, the Australian model, we could very quickly place the UK on the path followed by Switzerland which has a lower wage gap and where citizens enjoy a lifestyles and a level of prosperity at all levels of society which far outstrips what we see here.

Our government’s attempt to achieve this artificially by raising our minimum wage will not only not work as it does nothing to address the cause of the problem, excessive immigration by people our economy does not need, it is actually making it worse! It makes us more attractive to them. ‘Follow the money’ must surely be the first rule of any would-be immigrant! It isn’t rocket science.

Evidence of the destructive effects of insane immigration is becoming ever more apparent. The costs and problems associated with educating the children of people who do not speak English are already becoming apparent.

Bearing in mind that we are the head of a Commonwealth of 3 billion plus people, many of whom speak English as a first or second language, it can hardly be argued that we need immigrants so desperately that we have to take in those who do not speak English and don’t even write in our script!

Finally, Cameron’s recent answer to the immigration issue, telling us that he only accepts ‘refugees’ from camps in Syria or wherever must be seen as a one of those mendaciously clever political ploys which comes under the heading of ‘lying while only telling the truth’ and which gives the gullible the impression that ‘everything is under control’.

The lie is in what he didn’t remind us of. Once issued an EU passport anyone can simply walk in and disappear. Think Turkey. The clock on the time-bomb is ticking.

Time to stop the clock and put us on the road away from rags and on to riches. This is something we, each and every voting one of us, can do ourselves.Let’s tell Mr. Cameron to go. And take his dangerous and destructive game-plan for the United Kingdom with him.

On June 23rd put your X in the box next to Leave the European Union.