At the end of the year, it’s become a tradition to look back at the events which were truly important. The editorial team decided that the past articles with the highest number of reader will best reflect what mattered to us all, to the members, readers and contributors.

It goes without saying that one day in 2016 stands out and will stand out forever:


So it is not surprising that the most-read articles were addressing issues both in the runup to that day and the aftermath, especially since we’re still not OUT. There was also a lot of turmoil inside UKIP, with leadership campaigns and NEC campaigns – all now happily concluded. Without further ado, here are the articles which attracted most readers:


The year kicked off with the first detailed ‘prediction’ for the EU Referendum campaign, and a thought on our strategy to win. The analysis was done by our then Editor-in-Chief, Brian Otridge:

Survation EU Referendum Poll for The Mail on Sunday

remain leave in EU Jan 16



The most frightening aspect of staying in the EU had not been talked about by our politicians, never mind the MSM, so it’s no surprise that this article, speaking plainly, really touched a nerve. The eminent journalist Torquil Dick-Erikson wrote;

History of the EU’s attempt to take over UK criminal justice




It is always great to find that it’s not just us Kippers who appreciate Our Nige – and needless to say, you all liked the video embedded in this article:

Conservative Councillor’s Admiration of Nigel !




Some weeks before June 23rd, this very prescient warning by David Jessop attracted your attention – and looking back, it was a warning of things to come:

Why a referendum win may not be enough

civil war


A month later, with the campaign at full pitch, this next warning also rang a bell, clear and loud. Given the recent proposals at combating voter fraud, it was again very prescient by Sonya Porter:

“Rigging” the Referendum

ballot paper



A few days before “The Day”, you really enjoyed reading this brilliant satire by the one and only Gerald Warner:




And then came The Day – June 23rd 2016


We did it! We won the EU Referendum. We won our Independence … and Cameron resigned forthwith, with the turmoil of who would be the next PM and form the government ending with Ms May in 10 Downing Street …


While we all puzzled at what May may do next, here’s the insight from the Cabinet Office, told by Larry to Schrödinger’s Cat – which sadly remained a lovely dream:

Larry’s Lovely Dream ….




Meanwhile, in the wake of Nigel’s resignation as Leader and the turmoil inside UKIP, with accusations flying about who did what and when, with conspiracy theories and internecine warfare on social media at full tilt, we received this statement which had you riveted:

Statement from a member of the NEC

UKIP umbrella



Days, weeks and months have gone by – and still nothing happened about BREXIT, with the EU bosses trying to block Brexit by all and any means. So Schrödinger’s Cat wrote this:

Castles in the Air



And then there came worse for our Party – with the election of Diane James as our new leader and her resignation soon after, with a new Leadership campaign, and a campaign for new NEC members, it felt as if someone really ought to knock heads together. This article by Stout Yeoman says what so many of us felt:

The survival of UKIP is at stake

UKIP umbrella



Could it get any worse? Oh yes it could! Suddenly, government was hauled before the High Court because some (very rich) Remainers still could not and cannot accept that 17 million Brits have spoken. How did that happen? Here’s the article by Brian Otridge:

BETRAYAL! But by Whom and what can UKIP Do?




Meanwhile, we’re nearly ‘back to normal’, with a new Leader and NEC. But we’re still in the EU, and the fight for BREXIT must go on. How, that is explained by “A Roving Reporter”:

Repeal ECA 1972 NOW !

parliamentarians in the commons


We started 2016 looking ahead to the EU Referendum, and we close it with that outstanding victory under our belt, knowing full well that this was not the end but perhaps the end of the beginning. The fight is not over, we have taken the first step to Independence, and we must accept that our fight must go on until we really, irrevocable, are OUT.

From all of us at UKIP Daily to all our contributors, comment posters and readers:

Happy New Year!

May it be prosperous and successful and: keep fighting!

Onwards and upwards