To con the great British public into voting to remain within the totalitarian European Union there are certain things that have been deliberately kept hidden from us. There is hardly ever any mention of the fact that what started off being called the European Economic Community (EEC) was always intended to culminate in European political union. The United States of Europe is never mentioned but that remains, as is freely admitted by politicians on the Continent, the ultimate gaol.

From the very outset the protagonists of full-blown political union recognised that their concept would be totally unacceptable to the British, so, for us, the project had to be disguised as being not a political concept, but as one that was essentially all about economics. Little wonder that the current Referendum debate majors on trade and jobs – that is what for years we have been conditioned to believe the European Union (EU) is all about. No one mentions that what is really at stake is our very freedom and democracy because if folk knew that, then the result of the Referendum would, I believe, be a foregone conclusion.

The history of the British people includes the epic battles in which, on more than one occasion, we have expended blood and treasure liberating mainland Europe from tyranny. Admittedly this was driven by more than a little self-interest but who can deny that the twin benefits of defeating the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler were that we continued to live our lives in freedom and democracy, as vouchsafed by the ‘common law’ and our system of representative Parliamentary democracy.

The men and women that we elect to represent us in ‘the Mother of Parliaments’ are the custodians of that freedom and democracy. They are the ‘keepers of the covenant’. They have all, as a condition of the position they hold, sworn allegiance to the Monarch who, by dint of the Coronation Oath, has herself faithfully promised to govern us according to our laws and customs.

So far so good, except that it is now demonstrably apparent that the custodians, regardless of whether they are ‘Remainers’ or ‘Leavers’, are totally uncaring about both the bedrock – English common law – and the keystone of our society – Parliamentary sovereignty. They should all know that the legal systems extant in other EU member states (Ireland & Malta excepted) are totally alien to the British criminal justice system with its roots in Magna Carta.

They should also all know that the governance of the EU bears little or no resemblance to the British system of representative democracy. Regrettably their reluctance to even mention, let alone broadcast, these fundamental differences between the institutions of the common law countries of the wider Anglosphere and the institutions of the totalitarian EU is only matched by that of our journalists and members of the legal profession itself.

These are the dogs that are refusing to bark even though the birthright of the people whom they are ostensibly pledged to defend is in danger of being stolen from under their very noses! It would be invidious of me to mention the names of all ‘the dogs’ for fear I left one of them out but you, dear reader, will have your own opinions as to who these quislings are.

They blather on about the economics of remaining or leaving, they dispute the issues surrounding the vexed question of immigration, one lot say that we’ll be ‘safer , stronger and better off in’, my lot say that we’d undoubtedly be ‘Better Off Out’, but nobody, nobody wants to talk about the most fundamental issues of all.

These are, of course, firstly, whether we believe that we’ll all be safer living under the EU’s criminal justice system known as Corpus Juris rather than under our own ‘common law’ system and secondly, whether we prefer to live under a political regime where the shots are called by those that we neither elect nor can hold to account, or, alternatively, in an independent nation where the people who elect the rulers can just as easily sack those rulers if they don’t measure up.

The latter system goes by the name of democracy!