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YI conference cancelled


Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP, has cancelled its planned conference which was due to take place tomorrow, Saturday.  In a statement it said:

It is with great reluctance that we have been forced to announce that the Young Independence #Horizons conference that was due to be held tomorrowSaturday 2nd September, has been cancelled / postponed indefinitely.

Unfortunately, the Hard Left ‘Stand Up to Racism’ organisation planned a protest at the hotel and has sent a large amount of abusive and threatening emails to Hilton Hotel staff. A handful of emails contained threats of violence if they host our conference, branding UKIP as ‘far right’, ‘fascist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ to name a few. The Hilton inform us that the quantity of emails that were of an aggressive nature was overwhelming and they decided that owing to an increased security risk posed by the Far Left to delegates, hotel guests and Hilton staff they have been left with very little option than to cancel the event.

Regretfully, the Far Left also caught on that we would be holding a boat party (The #Revolutions Cruise) after the conference and they decided that it would be appropriate to send abusive messages to the small business that is hosting our boat party. The lady who runs the boat company informed us that protesters were threatening to cause damage to the boat and although she was personally disgusted with their actions, she simply could not take the serious risk posed by the protesters.

The YI Executive Council was working around the clock to secure a new venue for the conference, and we obtained a second venue, the Novotel, which regretfully also cancelled our booking.

After securing a venue in nearby Barnsley early this morning, only three of Leadership candidates and / or UKIP speakers confirmed their attendance (two confirmed they would not attend, and one confirmed they would only attend under certain conditions, objecting to us inviting Mr Martin Sellner). Mysteriously, many phones went unanswered simultaneously. The council believes this is disappointing and contradicts our party’s message of freedom of speech.

We defend our decision to invite Mr. Sellner as a person who has experienced first-hand one of the greatest man-made crises in Europe since the Second World War and, arguably, one who attempted to prevent politically motivated NGOs from encouraging human trafficking and illegal immigration. We understand the controversies, however we simply do not believe in no-platforming a person because we don’t agree with every aspect of their views. We have invited controversial speakers to YI events before, including Milo Yiannopoulos and the leader of the Young Sweden Democrats, and it could be said a number of the leadership candidates are themselves not without controversy. Indeed, one of the reasons for the planned action by the far-left was the inclusion of Anne Marie Waters in our conference. Naturally, it would be unthinkable for us to exclude her while she is a candidate in the current leadership elections.

Members of the YI council will still be travelling to Sheffield this weekend, as will many of our speakers so if you have already purchased hotels, train tickets, or arranged to stay with members living nearby, we will still be meeting, although it will likely be in an informal public venue. It would be great to see you there. Please call/text YI Secretary Will Donnelly on 07469707360 or YI Treasurer Jonathan Wood on 07984718152 if you’re at a loose end.

This state of affairs is a massive attack on freedom of speech and reflects the very worrying times we face in this country where those who have opposing views are able to force events to be cancelled because of their keenness to be violent towards those of an opposing view. We cannot express how sorry we are that we have had to make this announcement at such short notice and we will be working to issue refunds to all of those who have purchased conference and boat tickets.

The hotel has been asked for a comment but has not yet come back to UKIPDaily.

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57 Comments on YI conference cancelled

  1. I have read that Antifa in the US have been officially designated a terror organization – we should have protested this strongly to all authorities concerned – they will be forced to significantly curtail their activities in case the same thing happens here – every complaint helps to make it happen. I hope we have done so.

  2. So the Hilton says “… the quantity of emails that were of an aggressive nature was overwhelming and they decided that owing to an increased security risk posed by the Far Left to delegates, hotel guests and Hilton staff they have been left with very little option than to cancel the event.”

    A few years ago, Paul Chambers made a joke about blowing up East Midlands Airport. Despite obviously having no intention of blowing up the airport, he was taken to court and fined for his tweet. (I believe he may have had the fine dismissed later). If the Police were able to follow that up, then the Hilton should immediately hand over all these emails to the Police. Will UKIP make sure that at least happens and then we can take it from there.

  3. Following on from my previous comment( i.e. threats of violence and intimidation), this sounds serious enough to warrant a Police investigation. Shouldn’t YI and the party be calling for this ?

    Perhaps a lesson for us, is to hold our events at public venues, where it would be more difficult for the authorities to deny us access.

    • Lydia Seetulboseea // September 2, 2017 at 11:33 am // Reply

      It’s totally outrageous that our freedom of speech is being denied by these hard left thugs. I can understand the hotel not wanting to have any trouble especially for their other guests or the risk of damage to their property. Surely the police should be involved – this is a hate crime isn’t it – threatening violence?
      UKIP are speaking for many people – what are these thugs afraid of? Do they threaten moslems hate preachers?
      As another commentator said, these are the people who want to take over the Labour party. They’re not interested in freedom of speech /democracy.

    • kenneth james ogilvie // September 2, 2017 at 11:52 am // Reply

      Why isn’t the hotel submitting these threats to the police. Do they actually exist? If they do I would suggest it is Momentum that is the instigator and would be easily investigated

    • Philip, I agree, and Graham’s comment, which I disagreed with, actually, when the red mist of anger clears, makes sense. So, apologies, Graham!

      It is now a fact of life that UKIP, especially if it chooses a Leader that actually wants to try and deal with the facts that we face, will always be attacked by Antifa. So instead of wanting to meet in posh Globalist owned hotels (which agreed we should have every right to do) we need to choose Working Men’s Clubs and get back to our roots of being the Party of Working People. Of course this means waving goodbye to the dream of hob-nobbing with the gin and tonic brigade – which is where latterly UKIP have wanted to be.

      Because he drank in pubs, people thought Nigel was a good egg. Whether he was or not, at heart, we will never really know, but that was the persona he had, and that’s why we were successful. Nuttall tried it, and looked a pillock because his heart wasn’t in it, even though he had the accent. Could David Kurten do it? Or Henry Bolton? Or Jane Collins? I doubt it. Anne Marie just might because she marches with the young and driven. So basically it’s the vital question for UKIP – are we more at home in Golf Clubs or Pubs?

  4. I forgot to mention a simple method of cleaning up the internet. It’s simple, basically follow the money with a twist. It’s not a secret but requires a bit of background and explanation of economics. and is not possible while we’re in the EU.

  5. We simply can’t allow this ‘Attack on Freedom Of Speech’ to go unchallenged.

    For, where there are direct threats of violence and intimidation, we must identify the individuals and either shame them or bring about a prosecution.

    Do any of you with a legal mind have any idea of how we could go about this with perhaps crowdfunding ?

  6. I believe this is because all our rcent PMs have been cowardly ( In the dictioary definition ).

    This is how every revolution in the last 100 years started. Incompetant, frightened, cowardly,( but determined to milk the last drop till the last second before leaving.) Authority.

    Face coverings must be banned. prosecuted and punished. It’s easy, the french managed it.

    To avoid the inevitable costs, delays, political and legal rubbish generated by our present legal system which is designed to occupy lawyers, keep people from prison, and reduce crime stastics. Just publish their faces. and leave it to their parents to educate them

    That could be a start to draining the swamp.

  7. Because former BNP Joe Owens ( bodyguard of Nick Griffin and Le Pen) made two videos about it on YouTube .

  8. As others have said, Hilton have a duty to make money and protect their guests, not to uphold freedom of speech. The venue and city were not a good idea and knowing how the rabid left behave, the resulting cancellation was predictable, at least it’s demonstrated just how nasty and dangerous the far left have become. These are the people who are trying to take over the Labour party.
    Politics requires a degree of diplomacy and the ability to compromise, outright confrontation does not work. It’s possible that the election of our new leader will result in every UKIP event being so threatened, think on.

    • “Hilton have a duty to make money and protect their guests”.
      They were making money from the Young Independence and the Young Independence were their guests.

      “Outright confrontation does not work”.
      It’s just been proved that it does work – if you’re a lefty.

      “It’s possible that the election of our new leader will result in every UKIP event being threatened, think on”.
      So now, to avoid this in future, we have to elect a leader that suits the left?

  9. “Unite Against Fascism” is an oxymoron.

    They do not like the idea of democracy, neither to the Liberal so-called “Democrats”.

    As an example of their confused mentality at a “pussy grabs back” rally in Berlin they were chanting “Allah akhbar”! Do these supposed feminists not understand that women are regarded as the property of their husbands under Islam? Only a few weeks after the Islamic terrorist attack on the Christmas market.

    What is wrong with them? Are they literally mad?

    • Correction: neither do the

    • @ Hugo “Are they literally mad?”
      Contemptible wilful ignorance combined with lifelong brainless Leftard brainwashing produces madness. It’s the same with followers of islam, except substitute ‘koranic’ for Leftard. All totalitarian by nature; the remedy is skilful deindoctrination or confinement until sense and feeling return.

      • Can they be re-programmed? I am not so sure if that is possible in any significant numbers.

        The husband of a relative is in this category – he thinks anyone who voted to leave the EU is racist. Where do you start with these people?

        Well I did try, with long conversations about colonialism, slavery, democracy etc.

        He is also an alcoholic, so clearly there are unresolved tensions in his thought processes. From my observations there does seem to be a strong correlation between excessive alcohol consumption, drug taking and self-destructive behaviour among left-leaning individuals of my acquaintance. Why this should be needs further study. Has anyone else noticed this correlation?

  10. Stand Up to Racism’ :

    I wonder, without any hope of it happening, if any of them will be prosecuted. What a stinking mess our country is becoming.

  11. Many moons ago – 1981 I think it was, I was campaigning for a by-election candidate, one George Major, a pearly king, in Thornton Heath for the Family Law Reform Party (set up by Families Need Fathers, they didn’t climb steeples dressed as Superman then) We had a parade through the constituency one Saturday with drum majorettes (Major – geddit) and candidate in his pearly suit with a donkey (law is an ass- geddit) All good fun, nice police escort, duly thanked for ensuring we didn’t get run over. Repeat performance planned for the following week but on the Friday night candidate is issued ith a hand delivered notice from the Home Office – all marches in the constituency banned.Why? Well it wasn’t us, apparently the National Front had planned one so a ban had been imposed. Why can’t today’s lily livered Home Office and cops do the same now. Ban the buggers. Arrest them if they disobey. No problem for us, we are just having a peaceful, indoor conference.

    • All the police needed was Dispersal Order issued by a magistrate. The police got one recently to disperse protesters against a an occupation by travellers. All the laws are there – the police just pick and choose which groups they want to back up or not. Utter disgrace.

  12. This is absolutely unacceptable. Surely we have to right to hold meetings and the right to have police protection if we are threatened or anyone renting a hall is threatened with violence. Where are we heading.?
    This is worse than the black shirt days. HO must surely apply for a full investigation possible court action against these Left Fascist thugs. If we don’t act, it will be our annual conference next.

  13. purple blood in my veins // September 1, 2017 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    The YI were holding a perfectly legal conference and had invited guests who were perfectly law abiding citizens. The conference had every right to go ahead, and it should have done, with police protection if necessary. It is not acceptable for the police to chicken out with an excuse that they are understaffed. In that case, bring in the Territorials! If UKIP and the YI have to effectively seek the permission of the socialist workers party (or whoever was at the bottom of this) before we can hold our own meetings then lets stop pretending that we have a Party. Steve Crowther should have DEMANDED from the local PCC that police protection be provided, as is our legal right!

    • To quote Sgt Joe Friday- Lets look at the facts….
      The Sheffield Police are under absolutely no obligation to act as bodyguards to a bunch of kids inviting Neo-Nazis to a private function in a private hotel.
      Steve Crowther can’t and certainly should not demand anything from the PCC or police. It’s not ‘our’ (YI’ s) legal right, neither should Steve be blamed at all for any of this. He does seem to be blamed for a bit too much IMHO.
      I’m sure you were only joking about the Territorial Army… I’ve booked them to control my girl’s 18th birthday party – best they bring artillery….. ; )

  14. I should add that I had purchased a ticket for the affair, rail fares and hotel room (at the intended venue). YI have already refunded my ticket (the best service that I’ve ever received from UKIP or it’s affiliates), I’m about to apply for Hilton to refund the cost of my unused room and I’m also about to consult the insurance I bought for the trip in the hope that I might recoup my rail fare. Let’s hope that AntiFa don’t do the same at Torquay – then maybe some of the opinions posted here might be a little less condemnatory. At age 73 I would have expected a better service from the Sheffield Police: after all, the primary object of an efficient Police is the prevention of crime.

  15. Had this situation been brought about by UKIP members forcing a hotel to ‘no platform’ Socialists by threatening said hotel and/or staff with violence (or was it just a picket?)then that would surely be regarded as a hate crime – a ‘crime’ that the D of PP made clear only last week was top of her list of ‘must do’ investigations. This situation must therefore be regarded as a crime i.e. equality before the law. To show that our party has some spunk (and regard for YI) might we expect HQ to report these circumstances as a crime to Sheffield Police – the result to be published on the UKIP website? Why? Because if word spreads amongst the Nazis of Labour that this behaviour can go unchecked, then every UIKIP leafleter will be fair game for the thugs. A good method by which to destroy a political viewpoint and those who support it. We are supposed to be a party who believes in the rule of law.

  16. The cancellation statement from YI is shocking news and a very bad sign for the principle of free congregation and free speech in this country. The psycho Leftard thugs and fascists must believe that they can control other people’s thoughts, ideas, whom they can listen to and whom they can’t. Are these scumbags going to be allowed to get away with it? I hope all the evidence has been passed to the police and that there are prosecutions.

    Meanwhile, I find it rather disturbing that, instead of being shocked and dismayed by these developments, some people on here are criticising the YI organisers for choosing the ‘wrong’ venue or inviting a ‘controversial’ speaker. That is the kind of TIMIDITY and GIVING IN to the rotten bully boys which will delight and encourage those lowlife enemies of a free, democratic country. Man Up – or should I say Woman Up!?

  17. Don’t let the kids play with matches…

  18. I am so sorry that YI have been forced to cancel their event.
    I had heard via social media that Antifa in this country are going down the same route as their American counter-parts. However, in America the tide is now turning, because Antifa have been shown up as the far left fascists they are – beating up a person in a wheelchair, a veteran and a 16 year old – all of which has been widely circulated, and there were many more assaults. It was only because ordinary people were brave enough to attend a rally that Antifa were shown up in their true colors. Action is now, for the first time, going to be taken against them.

    Are you suggesting, Graham, that we in UKIP elect someone uncontroversial, because if we elect a truth teller we will be able to lead a quiet life? I can assure you that anyone, anyone at all who tries to address the multiple problems Britain faces will get the same treatment – it doesn’t matter how they phrase it or how careful we are – until Antifa go too far. Hats off to all the brave young people marching in Bristol on 10th of September – Anne Marie is one of many speakers at that event. The only Leadership contender brave enough to do so.

    You suggest that YI should have hidden in an out-of-the way place, had uncontroversial speakers and it’s actually their fault for not doing so, Graham? I find that deeply disturbing, even if it is disrespectful to say so. We may as well throw the towel in now? It’s no good thinking that keeping quiet and out of the way will turn the tide. The Marxist Antifa intend to overthrow the system, which is why they ally with Islam, who wish to do the same. So far they are being allowed to do so by Government. We have to face them down, or roll over. I’m not sure if we have truly grasped how far down the Islamization road we have come – we work like crazy to pay taxes and rent so that others can live comfortably, we have Halal meat in all public facilities, Islam is a religion of Peace is being taught in schools – we are effectively dhimmis already – did our forbears really give their lives for this?

    • I’m not suggesting anything, just stating facts in 21st century UK. If you think a global corporate chain like Hilton is going to stand firm against all the leftist pressure and uphold freedom of speech then you are living in a fantasy. Corporates are active participants in the leftist globalisation process, they are on their side! So why spend your money on them? We should book patriotic, British-owned businesses, which will often be independently-owned.

      • Fair point, Graham about always buy British! I don’t think it would have occurred to me when booking, though.

      • Your comment Graham goes to the heart of a very deep problem, the amount of patriotic British business’s is a declining phenomenon alas, which is allied to another fundamental issue, is there actually enough of us fair minded patriotic Brits to actually bother about defending free speech. I would like to think so, but if we all stop shouting, who is there left ?

    • Bernard from Bucks. // September 1, 2017 at 4:59 pm // Reply

      Here’s a very exposing analysis of Antifa and what it gets up to.
      I’m not saying this is all correct, but there is usually no smoke without fire –

    • You’ve probably seen, Dee, that the same “Stand Up To Racism” people who brought about the YI Conference cancellation are also staging a counter protest march, in conjunction with gay people of Bristol, against that 10th September rally.

      So, apparently, gay people in Bristol are against people who are against Sharia, whose law is for gays to be killed! You couldn’t make it up.

      • Yes I have, Thomas – and I understand they have been supported by the local paper. But I am hopeful that Tommy English, Annie the Greek UK Lover and others leading,this March will stand firm. I worry, however, for their safety. Like I said above, it’s only when brave people face up to Antifa – which includes Gays ‘supporting’ Muslims, led by Peter Tatchell that their violent fascist thuggery can be exposed for what it is. Please God, though, that they all, including Anne Marie, who is going to be there, stay safe. I wish I was fit enough to go.

    • Dee, I watched the footage of the guy in the wheelchair. What I saw was not him beaten up, but some masked, helmeted coward snatching a bottle of water, or some other fluid, from the disabled man and pouring it all over him. Someone very quickly intervened and faced up to the ‘antifa’ idiot, backed up by some other guys who stood by the wheelchair and remonstrated with his horrible co-protesters.
      What struck me most was the complete lack of remorse from the antifa mob ; in fact one young woman behaved as if SHE were the victim of aggressive behaviour, screaming hysterically, “Get the **** out of here you racist piece of ****!”.
      I think these people are seriously imbalanced, and carried away with their own self-righteous propaganda. I wonder how many months or years it will take that girl to wake up one morning and cringe at the memory of her ridiculous younger self. It’ll be a sign of returning sanity.

  19. With respect to all those involved this shows a huge amount of political naivety in that inviting a speaker from an acknowledged far right group labelled as Neo nazi by the far right in Austria would not cause real problems. Creating headlines of this nature does not help the party or the cause. Those responsible need to resign to show that they understand what a real mess they have made of this. More importantly who knew this person had been invited. Both the senior YI members involved are linked to John Rees Evans, did he know questions have to be asked. Before anyone shouts this has nothing to do with free speech.

    • It has everything to do with free speech David.

      What is your ’cause’? Who in your world is allowed to speak and who isn’t?

      Please provide your lists so I can ignore them.

      • @ James Dalton
        You are absolutely correct and I’m surprised that victim-blaming is going on here.
        No-platforming of speakers they don’t like is a typical dirty Leftard trick that must be resisted at all costs. These enemies of free speech are the real neo-nazis and need reining in by the authorities. There should be a serious investigation by the police.

    • Ahem – weren’t those of us who support Anne Marie labeled as neo-Nazi by John Rees-Evans’s running mate, a certain Mr Etheridge, David? He had an agenda (though I’m not sure what it was, or is) – and indeed, Antifa label everyone as Nazi, so it’s hardly as if Mr Sellner is alone in being tarred with that label.

      Incidentally the other aspect of dhimmification is that we mustn’t speak ill of Islam – so I think we’re pretty much at the game set and match stage now.

    • To hell with this unthinking cowardice. I don’t care if Martin Sellner has a “neo-Nazi” past, whatever that means. Half the far left have a Stalinist past and nobody says anything. Why is that OK?
      Sellner is effective and articulate, and I wanted to hear him. Defend Europe has achieved more in the last year than all UKIP. I would like to thank him personally. He is a hero. And if UKIP can be rolled over this easily, by a bunch of activists and an email campaign, it does not deserve to survive. No doubt they will target the annual conference next. Cowardice never helps any cause.

      • Well said, Joe. I do hope that those in charge, whoever they are, our interim Leader and Chairman? are protesting to the Police forceably because I would bet that Antifa success here will mean the Conference is the next target.

        You see, I’m afraid all those who have been so quick to label people who are members of UKIP as fascists and nazis have given the real fascists an excuse to claim they are fighting those so-called ‘fascists’ within UKIP – and they need to bear a considerable portion of the blame. We can hardly complain that others have enthusiastically embraced the message that there are ‘far-right, Nazi racists’ in UKIP. Strangely, it might just be this that finishes UKIP. I cannot forgive them, they should have used what modicum of brain and common sense they had – it cannot be undone.

    • I absolutely agree with you. Here’s (just one) link from the Guardian below. Note the red white and black imagery (clothing/logos/posters) . Now YI are adopting it. Who polices this lot within UKIP?

      I just found a picture of YI’s chairman with a shotgun joking in the absurd language of Richard Spencer about ‘shooting cucks’

      Give me strength…

  20. If you book an event with a giant corporate like Hilton, in a university town like Sheffield with a large HNH / SW / Islamist organisation, then you can expect to get into trouble. To be honest though, it isn’t just Sellner, with AMW as leader, it is going to be like this at every single event. No large hotel chain will allow her as they don’t want protesters outside. Whilst I agree that this is intolerable limit on free speech, the YI guys could have been less confrontational in their choice of city and venue in order to achieve their goal of having an event.

    • Why was it confrontational to choose Sheffield and the Hilton? This is supposed to be a free country where any legal organisation can hold a meeting or conference in any venue it likes. Now we have evidence that this is not a free country, I’d like to know what the police are going to do about criminal threats against innocent people.
      Blame or criticise the perpetrators, not the victims of hate and out-and-out fascist thuggery.

      • No, it isn’t an event in a public space, it’s in a private hotel under a commercial contract. Hilton can decide who they do or don’t contract with and under what terms. The contract must allow them to cancel under these circumstances. Hilton has no obligation to uphold freedom of speech.

        • But the police do!

          • There is no specific right to freedom of speech. This is not America. The police are obliged to keep the peace but not to police a private function. If Jamie Ross McKenzie and the rest of the eccentric kids in YI want to emulate Richard Spencer with their silly Alt-Right language and dress code of 3 piece suits and ‘fashy Hitler Youth’ haircuts, and then ask an Austrian neo-Nazi to speak in Sheffield, of all places, then they had better learn about how to street fight. Having met them, I don’t think pugilism is their thing…So they had better think twice next time.

  21. This is very sad news ~ especially the threat to free speech which the Hilton Hotel have so readily caved into.

    Surely the proper response to threatening emails should be to report them to the police : threats of violence to persons are in fact criminal offences and the police have a duty to investigate them ~and prosecute.
    The Police these days have specialized officers who can trace the source of emails.

    Also, it should not be that difficult to throw a protective cordon of police around an hotel. I accept it is a lot of effort and person~power, but an important principle is at stake.

    I have refrained from commenting on the Leadership candidates hitherto as I very much hoped to hear from all ( or almost all ) of them tomorrow.

    Then I intended reporting back on my impressions for ukipdaily.

    On the subject of UKIP’s Hustings on Monday ~ should not some effort have been made to get the BBC’s Parliament channel to broadcast this event, either live or otherwise ?
    Or have they been approached and refused to broadcast it ? Perhaps they could still be approached ??

    • Have been to a couple so far, I would suggest a BBC live broadcast is NOT a good idea.

    • Sadly the police are not really interested, unless somebody is saying nasty things about Islam of course, ie ‘hate speech’.

      The other sad thing is that the police will say they ‘don’t have the resources’ to do as you say and cordon the hotel, due to ‘austerity cuts’.

      • Its got nothing to do with the police! The hotel cancelled it. The hotel is a commercial organisation, their only responsibility is to make money. If it was a public event, to be held in a public space, then the police would have something to do with it.

        • A systematic campaign of threatening letters to people is surely ‘to do with the police.’ Or are hotel employees exempt from the rule of law?

          • Ok well let’s report Jane Collins and Rotherham UKIP to police at same time as they did same thing when AMW tried to launch her campaign down the road in Rotherham!

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