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Yet Another Daily Mail UKIP Non-Story

What is it with The Daily Mail and UKIP? For months now the paper has waged a dirty little campaign against the party by over-egging any incident into a ridiculous claim that its support is collapsing under a deluge of bad news stories – even though the polls consistently show that as wishful thinking.

The latest involves Victoria Ayling

“A high-profile UKIP politician is facing a racism storm after being caught on camera saying all immigrants to Britain should be sent back home.

Victoria Ayling, who made headlines when she defected from the Tories in March, made the inflammatory comments in a 20-minute video seen by The Mail on Sunday.”

How the DM loves its storms and rows…except that the “storm” of criticism is usually a hack phoning a handful of “usual suspects” (Diane Abbott, anyone?) for a prepackaged rentaquote. Once you get deeper into the story, however, the plot begins to unravel

High profile? Trusted ally? She only joined a few months ago and for most members she must be fairly low on the radar but, according to “an insider”, she’s a “Farage Filly”

“An insider”….hmmmmm….I wonder who that can be?

If you actually listen to the tape it is clear from the context she is talking about illegal immigration. This is a long established concern, not just for UKIP members but also for a large majority of UK citizens – and the DM if you read it regularly. So will the DM report itself to Diane Abbott for “racism”?

The tape is raw and unedited – so how did the Mail get hold of it? You may well ask, and it is not too difficult to work out who.

Oh – I almost forgot. Did Mrs Ayling make this tape after she joined UKIP and met Nigel Farage as appears to be implied in the opening lines of the article?

Well…er…no, actually. It was made nearly seven years ago when she was trying to become a Conservative MEP. It was made for the Tories!

Nice try, DM, especially a few days after that insidious little piece associating Farage with the tragic suicide of a pilot . Fortunately, as can be seen in the comments on all these stories even non UKIP readers of the DM have latched on to the DM’s nasty little agenda.

Would  any forensic investigation find elements of DNA from Tory HQ in this campaign?

You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment…….

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5 Comments on Yet Another Daily Mail UKIP Non-Story

  1. I do think that Nigel is looking through rose tinted glasses in respect of Ms Ayling, yes the video is a non entity but the comments from her Ex husband and her response does need to be taken on board or UKIP could quite easily end up shooting itself in the foot. This was obviously not a simple smear created by our political opponents, because if that had been the case, they would have simply held on to this until such time as she was standing in the run up to 2015.

    • Ex-spouses tend not to be reliable for obvious reasons.
      However you make a good point – we must expect many more such as we get nearer elections. On policy I cannot think of anything where we are not visibly more sensible than the best of the LabConDems which is why they and their BBC (“balanced” it says so right here in the Charter) and other media hacks refuse to discuss policy.
      Which doesn’t leave them much but smears. Sometimes even that doesn’t work – to smear Bloom they had to first explain what he had said about aid, and found the public & even many of the “experts” agreed. I think we have to hold our nerve and every time we get smeared say it shows they know they cannot face us on policy, and that the last 200 times it happened it turned out to be a partly or wholly false.

    • There are clearly issues here relating to what appears to be a particularly acrimonious divorce. Nevertheless in 2010 she was obviously perfectly acceptable to Cameron and the Conservative Party as a Parliamentary candidate so the fingerprints of CCHQ could well be somewhere around.
      What is equally worrying are these UKIP “insiders” who do seem to be readily available for media quotes. Indeed the “Farage Filly” phrase itself might provide a clue.

  2. A great many on the DM comment section on this issue sided with Victoria Ayling.

  3. Any kipper who reads the DM should switch to the Express. I’ve been getting tired of the constant smears from the DM in recent months.

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