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Yah Boo Sucks – or “Who are you?” 

A paraphrase or alternative to a speech borrowed from Nigel`s address  to the European Parliament some time ago

We have been told we have a head office (HO) directed by an NEC and we were told it would be the fount for the dissemination of the UKIP ‘word’ embracing all policy and modus operandi on all subjects political and practical, and the ‘word’ would be the truth to the world in general, no matter what the political and media fall out.

We were told when we had this presidential voice that it would be a gigantic sound, being able to speak to at least 500 million (billion?) and more citizens of mankind and would speak for all of us on a world stage. The ‘voice’ was so important that it would be heard more than that of Mr. Obama, more than that of Mr. Cameron, more than that of Mr. Blair and even more than that of (we are not good enough) Cleggy.

But … all we get/got is Mr. Silence personified.

We do not wish to be rude but we are sorry after this dereliction of duty and lack of performance that all we can say is the performance, at best, has the characteristics of a damp rag; you have the charisma of a low grade bank clerk and the appearance of a bad imitation of Banksy graffiti.

We would like to ask who you are? Who you even think you are? We rarely, even never, hear from you and certainly we do not have the pleasure or reassurance of seeing you in print.

Do you exist? Or are you just a narcissistic disembodied illusion, masquerading as a hologram all trapped within an enigma, like a Russian doll?

In this EU-inspired context of pretence – apparently fighting for Brexit but at the same time frustrating any form of member initiative, we say you are  culpable and dangerous, in fact your behaviour is akin to that of the quiet assassination of every UKIP effort to return democratic rule to the people of this nation; you give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘the enemy within’.

Just as with a company that does not perform or advance but nevertheless uses up scarce resources, is classified as a ‘Zombie’ company, you too must be considered as such an organisation. You spin, but you do not weave and are the inheritors of that title.

Not only do you not have a ‘voice’, but you also appear to be short on ears (we’ll not discuss the brain supposedly situated North of those facilities at this stage) but grass-roots members of this party have been speaking, yes, crying out for radical policies and now it is no longer sufficient to merely posture consideration then hide behind rules and party constitution.

We can say with confidence, on behalf of those grass-roots members, that we no longer know you, we no longer believe in you, we don’t want you and the sooner the ‘voice’ and its controlling dummies are put out to grass, the better!

Your only hope of partial redemption is to have allowed the leadership candidacy of Anne Marie Waters to stand and trust that sufficient members will agree with her radical policy of telling the whole truth about a possible/probable future Islamic insurgency via their population explosion (superior birthrate – it’s events, dear boy) and the introduction of the illegal Sharia law, plus correcting all the ills of FGM and unstunned Halal meat.

It is of critical necessity for UKIP that not only did you allow AMW to stand, but to signally show your support and acquiescence to her. If she does not become leader, we fear UKIP’s downward path will continue towards irrelevance and surely it will eventually fail and die.

And furthermore I quote  the following from  the 2010 UKIP Manifesto:

Be the party of the Commonwealth.

Ukip will seek to establish a Commonwealth Free Trade Area (CFTA) with the 53 other Commonwealth countries, The Commonwealth Business Council estimates that a CFTA would account for more than 20% of all international trade and investment, facilitating annual trade exchanges worth more than 1.8 trillion and direct foreign investment worth about 100 billion.

Yet the Commonwealth has been shamefully betrayed and neglected by previous governments, Commonwealth nations share a common language, legal and democratic systems, account for one third of the world population and one quarter of its trade, and Britain should not be tied to the dead political weight of the EU but return to its own friendly trade and cultural links.

and again the 2015 UKIP Manifesto:

Britain is not merely a European country, but part of a global community, the Anglosphere, beyond the EU and even the Commonwealth are a network of nations that share not merely our language, but our own common law, democratic traditions and global trading interests.

From India to the United States; New Zealand to the Caribbean, Ukip would want to foster closer ties with the Anglosphere.

We would seek to create  a more global Britain, fully able to  pursue her own interests!

Is UKIP still the party of the Commonwealth? This question has been asked before – result: HO silence – another attack of acute laryngitis we assume.

And yet that nice friend of Mr. Cameron with his speech at their notorious press conference (Back of the Queue – Back in your EU Box –The care home for elderly failed European Nations) Lose your Habeas Corpus and be forced into Corpus Juris and eventually cede your permanent seat on the Security Council to the EU, and oh yes get off my patch, there’s not room for the both of us when you once again join up with ‘your’ Commonwealth and again become a world power, not just in name.

We patriotic Grass Root Britons see and require this to happen following complete Brexit in 2019.

Will the HO ‘voice’ on this occasion break the habit of a lifetime and speak?

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26 Comments on Yah Boo Sucks – or “Who are you?” 

  1. I think the article clearly raises the problem of communication, but with a possibly paranoiac, Orwellian twist. Could I be cheeky and ask commenters to see my very belated comment on the Open Letter to Candidates 29/07/17. I believe it is relevant to Roger’s article and would sincerely like some responses and answers to my questions. Are there people amongst us who should consider their allegiance? I think not if it is a case of similar views on specific topics. But open fraternisation with these corrupt and discredited parties, I find that difficult to forgive as it undermines our integrity. Aiding and abetting should also be considered.
    What would the definition be for political tribalism? Possibly a failure to see reason or have empathy in the face of allegiance.
    I just hope I can last to the 29th September without the suspense killing me. Given the right outcome we can then all flourish so it is most certainly worth waiting for.
    In the meantime I would like to think we are all on the same side as we appear to be in the same playground.

  2. Of course we’re the party of the commonwealth ( which was not a a government invention,and thus not favoured ). it has to be an important one of a dozen initiatives which need to be considered for economic and personal prosperity. And should have been considered years ago.

  3. I’m not a politician or lawyer or indeed, anything much. I would like to know first, what a court case would make of the statement “Islam is evil”. Second, Why does it matter anyway. ? Say you’re sorry and you’ve changed your mind, or made a mistake. It’s your mind. Socialists make an artform of it. Third, The great british public. They’re cuter than you think. At least those over 21. Those under 21 who actually do think, through a haze of Testosterone or Vape, will soon change their minds. To imagine the publi take claims that we’re the opposition in waiting is subject to ridicule. I wonder who thought that one up. Anyway seriously,The great british public actually want us to ensure a success is made of brexit. NO one has shown any leadership on this other than the economist from Cardiff and the Fishing bloke who has said his piece and now has disappeared. Who’s supposed to know about the economy and why ? We’ve been campaigning on it and they’re starting to ask. How useless are we. And except for AMW and Kurten on Education seem clueless on everyhing and rely on being politically active to have any effect at all.
    Also I note. The latest polled analysis has, as I suspected, cast serious doubt on the Social Media reliance.
    Ukip has blacked the eve of the political classes, and now would like to see a few bruises please.

  4. Dr Ryan Waters has sent an open letter to Steve Crowther etc. and the NEC regarding David Kurten. Worth reading, link below:

  5. Can anyone tell me what occupation AM Waters has?
    And her manager Jack Buckby?
    These people suddenly turn up with no visible means of income, trained in public speaking, singing a song which is music to most ukip members.
    Not that I don’t agree with her but are we just going to follow her down this merry old road.
    Does anyone actually know her?

    • Politician, I hope.

      Would you rather she was a Cartoonist?

    • Shearer, you can’t have watched Freddy’s helpful video of the London ‘hustings’. Anne says she is supported by her partner. She also works on or is a Director of Sharia Watch. She also makes videos for The Glaznov Gang, whether she is paid or not I don’t know. Additionally I saw her give a very good lecture in Sweden recently, I don’t know if she was paid. I tend not to worry about that, if the content is, as this was, good.
      Jack Buckby, who used, like many other young men to belong to the BNP, before he left, as Tommy Robinson left the EDL when both either grew up or disliked the way things were going, is not Anne’s ‘Manager’ in spite of people spreading this on social media as much as possible. He is a friend who admires her, (as I do) and helps her as much as possible (which I would also do if I were fit enough).
      Anne recently said she left the Labour Party because she disagreed with their multicultural stance – before that, when Labour was Old Labour she was a member, and I believe a candidate.
      I would imagine her partner is not on display because Anne would quite like, as many others try to, to keep her private life private.
      She became passionate about Sharia Law when she undertook legal cases on behalf of Muslim women. Quite what status she has legally I’m not sure, but she trained in the Legal profession.
      I do hope I have answered some of you obvious concerns. One thing I think we can all be relaxed about is that she most definitely is not being funded by Soros!

      • Sorry Ed – Sbeaver – my iPad obviously couldn’t cope, yet again!

      • Thank you for the reply Dee.
        Still smell a rat I’m afraid.
        Old labour, BNP friends, Tommy Robinson, ukip.
        How does one go bouncing across these political sides

        • Sbeaver – just two observations on your observations, firstly, rats are often in the places where you wouldn’t think of looking, they go round under cover rather than be out there in plain view for all to see – and secondly, I admire Tommy Robinson enormously – i needn’t list his achievements here!

    • Toby Micklethwait // August 13, 2017 at 8:39 pm // Reply

      Dear Sbeaver,

      You ask “Does anyone actually know her?”

      I do not know her. I did ask her two questions:

      Are you British? Naturalised British.

      Are you a lawyer. No. I have a law degree and I did the LPC Legal Practice Course. If you find any place that describes me as a lawyer let me know and I will put them straight.

      I agree that we need to know all we can about AMW.

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557.

      • Toby, I think we might say the same about all candidates – if you remember, many people (but not me!) thought that because Paul Nuttall had been in the party for such a long time he was the ideal choice, and voted accordingly!
        All the focus seems to be on Anne Marie, especially but not exclusively from those currently in charge – and those briefing against her on Twitter. For instance – ‘if people vote for Anne Marie Waters the party is finished’ seems a popular choice of Twit – I would say, if the wrong choice is made this time the party is definitely finished, it cannot survive another Nuttall imo.

    • @ Sbeaver
      I met Anne Marie in April and had an interesting conversation with her prior to a Branch meeting at which she was invited to speak. At the time she was working in the NHS. Now her partner supports her while she is engaged in the leadership election. Anne Marie is a fully qualified lawyer, but left the profession after finding she could no longer stay silent or tell lies on controversial issues.
      All I know about Jack Buckby is online. I gather that he works or worked in the offices of a local council.
      Anne Marie has been struggling for years to make her voice heard in UKIP and been sidelined for her pains; she hasn’t just popped up from nowhere! An example of her commitment is the time, energy and expense she expended in travelling by train to the North East in order to speak to around 20 members for an hour and a quarter. She was anxious to make the train connections back to London and would not reach the suburb where she lives until the early hours. Then she had to get up early for work the following morning. Anne Marie has made similar visits to Branches all over the country in the past year and continues to do so.
      I follow her on ‘For Britain’ and Twitter and have made ongoing donations to her campaign fund-raiser. It was a privilege to meet such an unassuming, intelligent and forthright woman. I admire Anne Marie immensely for her courage and her love for this country. She was born in London, but spent her childhood in Eire, which is why she has an Irish accent. She is a true patriot.

      • Thank you Panmelia. You have a way with words. That is a wonderful picture.

      • Thanks, Panmelia. I hope we can all now agree that Anne Marie has met, talked to and hidden nothing from members that have asked.

        Where is the forensic examination of the other candidates?
        Interesting that people don’t seem to care that much.
        Personally, I think it is crucial, if we don’t want to make the same mistake again, of assuming that because someone hasn’t been smeared, or has been in the Party for ages, we need not ask searching questions and carefully consider the vision (something Paul never really had, apart from ‘unity’ ) that a chosen candidate has for UKIP going forward. As far as I know, Anne Marie and John R-E are the only candidates that actually have a vision.

      • Thank you for your reply and answering the question.
        I support Anne Marie but just wanted to clarify these points, which you have.
        She’s got my vote!

  6. Interestingly, the only person being spoken about by the mainstream press at this time is Anne Marie Waters. And this seems to be the only mention that UKIP is getting at the moment too. Anne Marie Waters is now getting the Attention that Nigel Farage used to get.

    Nobody else.

    It’s for all the wrong reasons of course, a clear attempt to smear her with untrue claims. That she is ‘far right’ (she is not). That she is associated with the BNP and the EDL (she is not). And that she has called islam evil (which it is…So that one is correct, but simply a statement of provable content.)

    If Anne can attract this sort of attention now, what will she attract if she is elected leader? The publicity for UKIP will be enormous. The only question after that is how UKIP handles this free political advertising. For the greater good of Britains future, and UKIP’s continuation as a party that addresses the issues that the British people wish to be addressed. Or whether UKIP will cringe under the onslaught of dishonest virtue signalling.

  7. Excellent article that absolutely nails the reasons so many disillusioned members left. Some, like me, have crept back because we see that Anne Marie Waters might, if elected, return the party to prominence. If she isn’t successful we will probably leave again as we have zero confidence in the “old guard” and UKIP will be doomed.

  8. Roger, what a wonderful article! You speak for me in every paragraph! Sadly, I doubt if the ‘enemy within’ even recognize that this article applies to them, I doubt if they would understand it, much less read it!

    How ironic that the ONLY times that UKIP has hit the headlines AT ALL in the last six months, as Brexit quietly goes down the pan, is because of articles written by those who were elected to speak on behalf of UKIP – not about Brexit – in fact it hasn’t been mentioned, but about members of the Party they (ha ha) claim to represent.

    Is the fact that Anne Marie stood alongside Tommy Robinson at a rally, or belonged (?) to PEGIDA, or has a friend who is an ex BNP member more important than Brexit? Apparently, yes. Is the fact that David Kurten filled in a questionnaire with honesty ( he should have known that honesty is the last thing valued by the ‘enemy within’ ) more inportant than Brexit? Don’t be silly! Of course it is! Is the fact that many of those that were elected to represent UKIP have or intend to flounce off out of the Party if members go against their wishes and elect someone of their own choice more important than Brexit? Of course it is! It must be, because the media is full of it – from Etheridge to Hookem to Wolfe and Gill, who members elect to lead UKIP – all this is far more important than the fact that the Brexit UKIP members worked so hard for is rapidly becoming a vanishing hope.

    We hear that Anne Marie especially, (because she has earned the dubious distinction of being knifed in the back by Nigel) but David Kurten latterly have brought the party UKIP into disrepute. Well I’m sorry, I don’t think so. Nothing could possibly be more shameful than the people who are only where they are because of members, indulging in smearing and name calling and hysterical outbursts. It might, actually, have been more useful had they indulged in aiming their bile and hysteria at those traitors who promised us that ‘the people would decide’. But no, nothing! Zilch! UKIP has had airtime recently all right, and the public might wonder, rightly, where the priorities of those that represent UKIP actually lie.

  9. Policy is the responsibility of the leader, via his devolved spokesmen and women.

    Assuming by HO you mean Lexdrum House, I have shared this link with David Challice, and asked him if he wishesto comment when he returns on Monday.

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