We all know what Lynton Crosby’s strategy is to get us to vote for David Cameron in 2015 – fear. The Tories know Cameron has nothing positive to offer us. So, the Tory strategy has to be to try to blackmail us into voting for them with the ‘Vote UKIP, Get Miliband!’ scare campaign.
We’ve seen this again after Douglas Carswell’s defection to UKIP – the Tory press was full of articles claiming things like ‘Carswell has made a Miliband win more likely’. The idea is to make us feel guilty about possibly allowing a Miliband/Balls victory as if it was our fault. But hold on a minute….
Who increased public spending while promising to cut it? Cameron. Who doubled our national debt from £700bn to £1.4trn and rising? Cameron. Who increased immigration while promising to cut it? Cameron. Who has continuously insulted and derided his core voters? Cameron. Who was less than truthful to us about why he introduced single-sex marriage, claiming ‘it was the right thing to do’ when in fact it was a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights which forced him to do it? Cameron. Who didn’t have the backbone to stand up to Nick Clegg over constituency boundary reform? Cameron. Who tried to get Britain to fight alongside the Islamic State militants to overthrow Assad in Syria? Cameron. Whose promise of an EU renegotiation is a sham because he knows he’ll never get agreement from the champagne socialists running the EU? Cameron.
Yet, the Tory strategy is to blame us voters if Miliband gets elected.
If the Tories want to win the next election, the answer is staring them in the face – do a deal with UKIP. If the Tories give UKIP say 20 safe seats and UKIP don’t stand against the Tories in the other 300 or so where a Tory/UKIP alliance could win, then the Tory/UKIP alliance would thrash Ed Miliband.
So, whose fault is it if Miliband wins in 2015? Not mine. Not yours. It’s only David Cameron’s fault and the fault of the Tory MPs who haven’t the courage to push Cameron into a winning alliance with UKIP.
Don’t get blackmailed by Lynton Crosby and the panicking Tories.
Vote out of hope for something better, not from fear of something worse!
Oooh – that’s quite a good line. Perhaps UKIP should use it to counter the coming Tory scare campaign?
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