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Who are “Stand up to UKIP”?

Being an avid news browser, my attention was caught by a group called “Stand up to UKIP.” After a little browsing, it seemed that they were just about everywhere with quite a presence (especially since they were officially launched on facebook on April 24th, 2014).

In a very short space of time, they have managed to attract such exulted persons as:

Diane Abbott MP
Len McCluskey,  Unite the Union General Secretary
Ken Livingstone,  Mayor of London –  2000-2008
Owen Jones, Writer and Journalist
Sally Hunt, UCU General Secretary
Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary
Ava Vidal, Comedian
Gerry Gable, Editor/ Publisher Searchlight Magazine
Hugh Lanning, Unite Against Fascism  vice chair 
Lindsey German, Convenor Stop the War Coalition 
Leon Silver,  president of the East London Central synagogue and steering group member, Tower Hamlets interfaith forum
Jo Cardwell, We Are Waltham Forest 
Denis Fernando,  Rainbow coalition against racism
Sean Hoyle,  President Wessex Region RMT 
Lisa Fletcher, Branch Chair  Unite Community  Portsmouth and District
Jon Woods, President Portsmouth TUC  and Chair  of Unison Portsmouth City Branch

This seems to be a well organized group with little or no history prior to the European Elections, 2014.  A brief look on the internet will steer you towards any number of events that are being organized with more high profile speakers.

So who are they?

They clearly are not one person. They are an organization that has resources (fiscal), connections (see the speakers list above) and a thorough dislike of UKIP.

In terms of statements, there appears to be only one…copied and pasted all over the web.

I am certainly not an expert computer user, but I have found it immensely difficult to find any true background on this group. Aside from announcements of upcoming events appearing in a wide range of online resources (the socialist worker, UAF, and oddly enough many local online newspapers) the only other trace I can find is their online petition, which is actually worth a closer look.

675 signatures (from 497 different IP addresses).

The signers are a heady mix of UCU and UNITE with a fair smattering of Labour council chairs. A brief flick through will give you some idea of the coordination that is behind this group:

On 12th of June between 16:54 and 17:12, thirteen Senior UNITE Reps (Finance sector) managed to go online from nine vastly different UK locations to sign the petition. The next four pages are chock full of UNITE people over the following two hours.

This is a coordinated and concerted campaign against UKIP that has vast financial (they offer transport to rallies from anywhere in the country) resources and political clout. What a surprise that it appeared just when UKIP started to storm the EU election polls.

As to who really runs this organization, I have some thoughts. What about you?

Photo by Daniele Zanni

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22 Comments on Who are “Stand up to UKIP”?

  1. Martiangerbil // August 10, 2014 at 1:23 pm //

    These people are anti democratic. They despise the fact that people can vote for something that is against their own interests. They like to steal money from taxpayers to fund their own political careers and agendas. UKIP supporters need to oppose them at every possible opportunity online and in all forms of media. Local government and even the Police should be requested to ensure UKIP public meetings are not disrupted after all that is our legal right.
    Complain to the government, your local MP and indeed all members of parliament and the Lords about anti democratic behavior on a regular basis. Last but not least email these people directly and tell them EXACTLY what you think.
    UKIP supporters are warriors. We need to be keyboard warriors as well to meet these challenges.

  2. I guess we can expect quite a bit of disruption at the Annual Conference in Doncaster, still these fascists will generate plenty of media coverage for UKIP.

  3. The (lack of) braind behind ‘Stand Up Against UKIP’ are the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) and, ultimately Labour. I was very active in the SWP in my former years- before I got a grip- and they always had several ‘front’ organisation (such as the Anti-Nazi League with morphed into the misnamed UAF). So I believe the SWP is principle organiser of this ridiculous group. The big question is ‘who funds the SWP’?
    I’d wager it would be the same undemocratic, corrupt, trans-European tyrants we know as the European Union.

    • I’d like to add that I have fully come to my senses and am now a fully-fledged UKIP member :-). Just incase you were thinking…

  4. The HNH, UNITE and the SLATUK pedos need new names to hide their sad agenda behind.

    • Just as your profile name reads “Live and Let Live” – they should try and practise it soon – we are a nation of patience/tolerance, but they are taking it too far especially UAF and HNH. UKIP will have the last laugh though because we are a bunch of stalwarts when pushed into a corner!

  5. I have noticed many UKIP detractors rely upon lazy characterisations oif UKIP supporters. I am usually happy to show them how wrong they are.

    UKIP supporters are all ex-Tories (I previously voted for the Greens)

    UKIP supporters are xenophobic. (Both my parents had foreign blood. I live and work in another European country. I speak four European languages. I have a foreigner living in my household. The majority of my friends are not British)

    UKIP supporters are retired, half-colonels from the Home Counties (I am a northerner and I work as a university teacher)

    UKIP supporters are poorly educated (as a uni lecturer, I am PhD educated).

    Left wingers and liberals are always ready to criticise others for stereotyping – talk about hypocrites!

  6. Here is a GREAT German opposition politician lecture to Merkel in opposition to the Ukraine war with warnings about the consequences for Europe

  7. Congrats to the Worthing team for their by-election victory. Vote UKIP, get UKIP. Power to the Purple.

  8. Another 20 Political appointments to the house of excess,presents for promises received and favours done, nothing to do with helping the country, just about positions of the political parties friends at the trough. What will UKIP do to reform the Lords?

  9. Harvey Crusader // August 8, 2014 at 11:19 am //

    I would say to any fair minded person that to vote for any Lib Lab Con party is further step to towards dystopian future where rent a mob left wing thugs silence all reasoned debate.

  10. First time I have heard of this organization. I will get busy posting to various threads and ask UKIP supporters, especially Facebookers and Tweeters to go on the offensive.

  11. If you look up the domain name through WHOIS you won’t get much info as it is anonymously registered in the US. However, if you look at the history of the domain name, it was registered by Tash Shifrin. She is a far left / loony left soap dodger. You can Google her name and see her work for renowned and august publications like Socialist Review.

    She and her other half (Martin Smith) also run a website called Dream Deferred

    He is a former Socialist Workers Party apparatchik (National Secretary).

    So this organisation “Stand up to UKIP” is basically a front for the Socialist Workers Party. Needless to say, socialists of all persuasions and descriptions were trounced by UKIP in the recent May elections and will be trounced again next May.

  12. A common theme with Ukip knockers is their failure to say exactly what they dislike about us and a strong tendency to avoid at all cost, stating what they DO like about any one else. The odd time they do mention a UKIP policy, it’s something they’ve made up or a left over from 2010. These people are pathetic but damaging none the less.
    They restrict open debate by attempting to stop us having open meetings, frequently using threatening behavior to do so. I suspect, if we did this sort of thing to Tory people the police would be along quick sharp.

    Attempts to disrupt public meetings by legitimate political parties should not be tolerated and rank alongside postal vote fraud and tunnel vision by the electoral commission regarding party names. This is the establishment behaving at it’s very worst.

  13. As a postscript, the bottom line seems to be this, whether it is hope not hate or these guys, expect a protest at all publicised ukip events from now on. In the past they did not bother with us. Now with some success, they do. What is sad is that they seem to protest against the existence of parties they dislike more than specific policies. Also, the picture is furthet complicated by environmentalist politics being increasingly a front for radical politics. Is this a response to or a cause of the failures of tusc? It is also ironic as the left once argued that problems were social rather than natural. But the end of the world predictions justifies authoritarian intervention by those, of whatever wing, who would save people from themselves.

  14. I don’t know. Lack of clear leadership and direction is a feature of many groups which consider themselves progressive these days. Look at the occupy movement or even the EU. This is in contrast to the past. What is worrying is the casual way in which senior, supposedly serious trade unionists will sign off funding to such an outfit. I wrote to Jon Woods pointing out that Moseley, and the blackshirts, in whose tradition they think Ukip stands, wanted to replace democracy with something more “efficient”. Also, what tends to be forgotten is that as mass democracy emerged in the inter war period, there were liberals like Belloc who recoiled from this as suppressing the voice of the humane elites. Therefore they favoured less accountable committees circumventing parliament. This is the tradition in which they, and the EU, seem to stand. Needless to say I am still awaiting a reply……

  15. Yet another obstacle put in our path by a bunch of english hating people.
    Let them try to keep us oppressed ” we shall overcome”.

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